Dramas and Movies I’ve Seen and Ratings:

(rated out of a scale of 10, with 1 being the lowest and 10 being the highest)

*Unfinished means I haven’t finished it, and have no intention of going back and finishing it (unless I’m really bored one day)

*Partial means I saw it on and off when other family members were watching it avidly, but I have never sat down myself to watch it. Nevertheless I have a really good idea about what happens in the series thanks to said family members constantly rewatching and talking about it.

*Ongoing…is self-explanatory.

Devil Beside You – 8/10

Down with Love (Ongoing)

Easy Fortune Happy Life (Ongoing)

Fated to Love You – 10/10

My Queen (Ongoing) – [first impressions]

Romantic Princess – 6/10

Sunny Happiness (Ongoing) – [first impressions]

Why Why Love – 6/10


9 thoughts on “Tw-Dramas

  1. Hey! Found your website through dramabeans. Thanks to all your recaps on PP. Loved it to max!!!!

    Just thought i should recommend some TW-dramas that i think are really good :p

    Not sure if you have heard of “Autumn’s Concerto (or Next Stop, Happiness)” – it’s by Vanness Wu and Ady Anh. And it’s really good. Not the light-hearted kind but heart-touching one 😉 I got hooked in after Episode 6.

    And “Bai Quan Nv Wang” (can’t rmb the English title) by Ethan Ruan and Yang Jin Hua.

    Think these 2 dramas are worth at least watching a few episodes 😉

    • hey glo! thanks for the suggestions! yes i heard of autumn’s concerto but i was kinda worried it’d be too melodramatic for me. then again i know someone who finished it in less than a week sooooooooo i might give that a try. is the ethan ruan drama “my queen” or something? i wanted to watch that! it’s been on the backburner for a while now – hopefully i’ll get a chance to watch it after PP!! =D thanks again!

  2. Ya! That’s the one: “My Queen”!! 😀 i personally think the second male lead is a really solid actor. Though he doesn’t appear (physically) till nearly halfway through the drama 🙂

    Ooo. i forgot, there’s another must-watch is Chen Qiao En’s classic drama: “Prince Become Frog”. Easy. Light-hearted. Some angst. But it was a classic 😉 The series made new waves for TW-dramas (Ou3 Xiang4 Ju4) run in the early 2000’s after the classic “Meteor Garden”. Then “Fated to Love” came along in early 2008 and made another wave again. Chen Qiao En is pretty awesome 😉

    Hehe sorry to be ranting so much. Am quite an avid TW-drama addict here :p

    Ah. So many dramas. So little time!!

    • “Ooo. i forgot, there’s another must-watch is Chen Qiao En’s classic drama: “Prince Become Frog”. Easy. Light-hearted. Some angst. But it was a classic 😉 ”

      Agree..I love Chen Qiao En and Ming Dao’s chemistry there. I personally think it was one of Ming Dao best performance. Too bad he rejected “Fated to Love you” which actually reunite him with Chen Qiao En. But, I all agree that Ethan done such a great Job in “FTLY”.

  3. Hey, I can’t believe you haven’t watched or rated ‘It Started With A Kiss’ (and i don’t mean by the korean version that is coming up this september). I KNOW (and don’t ask me how) that the korean vers will become very popular. I recommmend you watch the TW version first before the Korean version gets too hyped in the frenzy (like Boys Before Flowers).

    • LOL – yes I know. I’m actually tempted to start since I’ve been reading so many comments about how the original did this or original did that, and people are wondering how the Korean one will let it play out. I’ll take your suggestion – and hopefully find some time to watch it soon!

  4. hello to everyone out there!
    i am a fan of korean and taiwan dramas.
    these dramas are big hits here in the philippines and i am very happy to know that some drama will soon be shown in abs-cbn esp. down w/ love and he’s beautiful and of course personal taste.

    @ liza, i already watched ISWAK and TKA. very nice drama, and im waiting for the season 3, i heard it was titled PRECIOUS KISS.

  5. I used to have no interest in tw-dramas, although Hi my sweetheart cracked me up and the Autumn’s concerto OST moved me.

    Now that I have addictively watched Mars a few times, I have completely changed my mind. It’s not cheesy, the directing and the acting are incredibly smart and believable. The lead couple’s chemistry is genuine – back then they were dating. The characters and storyline are so believable, consistent, making so much sense psychologically speaking – for once and “faithful” to the manga version. Not to mention the OST, again. The minus part is for Barbie Hsu’s crying scenes, plus Tong Dao and Sha Zhi’s characters and all the other creepy guys, tho we may have crossed path with their alikes in our real life.

    Everyone who had seen Mars recommended it to me as the best tw-drama ever, “even” better than Korean ones. I have to agree. Full-heartedly.

    I’d be curious to read your thoughts on it. 🙂

    • Soo Agree.. Mars is undoubtedly one of the few TW dramas that really catch my attention. Both Barbie and Zai zai successfully shakes off their previous well-known/very popular characters in Meteor Garden and did seriously good acting in Mars.

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