News Bits: 7/7/11 Edition

Cha Seung Won recently won two awards in Mnet’s 20’s Choice Awards. Hosted by Suzy and Song Joong Ki, the awards show gave ukelele trophies to stars chosen by the fans in many categories. For Cha, he won both Hot Drama Actor and Hot Male Body (with a 6-pack). No doubt this is because of his burst of fame from Greatest Love. His costar Gong Hyo Jin also won Hot Drama Actress and Hot Style Icon.

Other winners included KARA (Hot Hallyu Star), Suzy (Hot New Star), B2ST (Hot Performance Star), Honey Lee (Hot Female Body), Yoo Ah In (Hot 20’s Voice), and Goo Hara (Hot Campus Girl). The full list can be seen here.

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News Bits: 5/20/11 Edition

I have been so enveloped in Korea news that I forget about Taiwan and Japan sometimes…

So in apologies – I offer a juicy still of Jiro Wang and Gu Hye Sun from their new Taiwanese drama Absolute Boyfriend. After Wu Zun dropped out of the project, his fellow Fahrenheit member stepped in. Jiro Wang plays the perfect boyfriend out of a box. He falls on top of Gu – NAKED – in this scene. Jiro Wang wore only skin colored safety pants (HEE!) that he said looked like diapers. Gu commented that she would have had him wear more clothes if she were the director.

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News Bits: 4/19/11 Edition

Spy seduces spy – and gets rejected for a fridge!

That’s the plot of the new CF for LG Dios smart refrigerator, starring new spokespeople Jung Woo Sung and Kim Tae Hee. OK, maybe not really – but Jung is trying to seduce Kim, and she’s rejecting him ’cause he’s taken she likes the fridge better. CF below!

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With cameo appearances from Park Shin Hye and UEE to start, and news that Jang Geun Suk‘s schedule is freeing up for a new drama, rumors are hitting full force that the entire A.N.Jell band will cameo in My Girlfriend is a Gumiho! I want to refrain from saying it’s confirmed (even though some news sources are reporting it as so) because they still have to work out the schedules of all the band members, plus the news is making me so happy and giddy with glee that I would be crushed if it ended up not going through. It would be the BEST THING EVAAAA if it could happen. 😀

If it just ends up being Park Shin Hye and Jang Geun Suk – that would be cool too – as long as the two of them are together as a coupling and Tae Kyung gets jealous when Lee Seung Gi is affectionate towards Park, or if Go Mi Nam is jealous that Lee Seung Gi is overly affectionate with Shin Min Ah – because then:

Mi Nam: Hyung-nim! Why aren’t you like that with me!?

Tae Kyung: What are you talking about? You should be grateful I let you be my number one fan before anyone else!

source: nate news, soompi

News Bits: 6/26/10 Edition

And, the South Korean Red Devils are no more… 😦 They lost to Uruguay 2-1 today during the Round of 16. Oh boy was the goal struck by Lee Chu Young something!

Anyways, another cast member has been added to My Girlfriend is a Gumiho – Hong Sisters’ alum Byun Hee Bong (God of Study, the sickly grandfather in My Girl) will star as Lee Seung Gi’s grandfather. I’m betting that he’s going to be the lovable, amusing grandfather who loves Shin Min Ah‘s gumiho, and will constantly slap his dorky grandson on the head. 😀

Lee Seung Gi also changed his twitter profile to In case you’re following.

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‘Gumiho’ Changes Lead Actress

This is so weird. Just when you think Shin Se Kyung had the role in the bag, it is announced that Shin Min Ah (The Devil, A Love to Kill) will be the ‘gumiho’ in the Hong Sisters drama.

So the news about Shin Se Kyung accepting the role was…false?! Rumors?

I’m actually excited now because I am not really a fan of Shin Se Kyung being the lead. I don’t know about her acting – though I hear rumors that she’s kinda stiff – but I think she’s quite the star already with the drama Unstoppable High Kick. So to see her leading another drama is…much. I wouldn’t want to see her onscreen so much, you know? And I feel that the Hong sisters usually cast people whom you don’t see constantly in the public eye or in your television. For example, with You’re Beautiful, Jang Geun Suk and Park Shin Hye didn’t have a drama in all of 2009 until that one. In Hong Gil Dong, Kang Ji Hwan and Sung Yu Ri weren’t seen in dramas that year either (exception: Jang Geun Suk was seen in Beethoven Virus, but he also wasn’t really the lead in Hong Gil Dong). My Girl and Couple or Trouble are exceptions for some of their actors (some starred in more than one drama in one year), but considering that they are the “earlier” dramas I bet that the Hong sisters didn’t have so much control over casting than they do now. Those stars in those dramas are generally big name, bankable stars. Now, with more control, they don’t usually choose the BIG big stars for their dramas.

This will be Lee Seung Gi‘s comeback after Shining Inheritance, and Shin Min Ah’s after three-years absence from the small screen.

Let’s see if the casting changes again, but I really hope it doesn’t now!!!!!!!

sources: allkpop, news nate

A.N.Jells Have Their Own Website!

Ye-hay!!! That is one more step into becoming a “real” band and keeping the fire alive!

Apparently the site was crashed even before it was officially opened (which is going to be April 12) thanks to the help of thousands of international fans. I visited the site and it looks to be up and running. It looks like they’re going to have more language options, since there are flags for other countries above the text, but it hasn’t been done yet. Then again – they’ve got until the 12th to do it.

It looks all so PRETTY!! I’ve already signed up – even though it was in Korean. (DUHHH – I’m not going to let this one get away from me!!! :D)

Check out Park Shin Hye and Jang Geun Suk‘s video promoting the site:

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News Bits: 4/8/10 Edition

A new ATHENA casting news has been made and confirmed:

Instead of Ha Ji Won, Su Ae will be joining the cast as a profiler in the National Anti-Terror Service. She’s sort of in Kim Tae Hee‘s role (even sometimes reminds me of her in the looks department), except she’s also a double agent. (OOOOO – twist!) Also, the two female leads will be on the same side this time (but the second female lead will most likely be a through and through good agent). So… is she a double agent working for Cha Seung Won!? HMMMM….

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