Dear My Friends: First Impressions


There’s a line in Dear My Friends where they say that no one is interested in the stories of the old people. And that’s probably true. But this drama is highlighting it and telling you – old people have many stories to tell. Old people have just as much drama as young people do in K-dramas. And thanks to No Hee Kyung for really highlighting that and giving these veteran actors and actresses their time to shine.

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The Housemaid Interviews

Yesterday, “The Housemaid” held a press conference with director Im Sang Soo and the three stars Lee Jung Jae, Jeon Do Yeon, and Yoon Yeo Jung. The film is opening soon, and the trailer was oh so provocative! The following is an excerpt from the press conference, and it sheds some light behind the film and the actors’ difficulties with their respective roles.

Just as a refresher: Lee plays a philandering husband to Seo Woo’s character (who wasn’t present at the conference), Jeon is the not-so-innocent housemaid that starts a torrid affair with Lee, and Yoon is the housekeeper who oversees the general household and is the first to note Lee and Jeon’s burgeoning relationship.

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