Sung Joon Joins Lie To Me

My dreams have come to an end.


Park Shi Hoo no longer in the running (doubt that he ever was though…), newcomer model turned actor Sung Joon has been cast as Kang Ji Hwan‘s younger brother Hyun Sang Hee, a charming and carefree person that makes me think he’s the irresponsible, rebellious younger brother to Kang’s more straight-laced older brother.

He’s cute. Kinda. No not really. Hmph!

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News Bits: 4/1/11 Edition

I thought about ways to pull off an April Fool’s prank since, well, it’s April Fool’s. Then I thought about pulling my site down for the day – but I couldn’t because I already posted something about Kim So Yeon. Then I thought about how much I was thinking about this and how tiring it was to continually write something interesting and (hopefully) have people coming back for more. And then I thought about how tired I was in general (because if you haven’t noticed, I’m lagging behind in recaps) and how much I had to keep my blog up to date. And then I thought about how much time I spend on this blog and so I realized that I don’t want to pull a prank. Rather, I would like to formally announce my retirement.

After this post (or today’s posts), I will no longer be updating ‘Kaede+Jun’ – focusing solely on the other aspects of my life that require immediate attention. I’m sorry to those who have followed and read my blog, and I’m sure those who never knew it existed won’t be sorry at all.

I guess you could say I’m going to military duty – but with no due-back date and with no management company to keep my memory alive.

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Yoon Eun Hye and Cha Ye Ryun for CeCi

Because of “My Black Mini Dress” the actresses have been showing up everywhere as a form of promotions for their new film. Yoon Eun Hye and Cha Ye Ryun appeared on the cover of CeCi magazine in short, colorful frilly dresses, and while Yoon looks like an old pro (helloooshe’s been modeling more than acting!), Cha looks oddly freaky.

Not good eye makeup people.

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News Bits: 3/14/11 Edition

Waha! The duet! Lady Gaga and Maria Aragon finally had their duet on the Toronto stage the past weekend. I think it’s awesome that they sang “Born This Way” together – and cute that Maria sat on Lady Gaga’s lap. A little weird that she sat on underwear-clad Lady Gaga though.

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News Bits: 3/7/11 Edition

I randomly tuned in to Queen of Reversals episode 23, and JUST SO HAPPENED to start at exactly the scene between Yong Shik and his secretary. And the secretary calling Yong Shik out on his attraction to Tae Hee. And then Yong Shik “slipping” information that Yoo Kyung was going on a blind date. Based on the secretary’s reaction (running out the door), he must have the hots for her!

More to come…but until then! News bits!

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News Bits: 1/26/11 Edition

Baby news! Lots of baby news! Lee Young Ae is set to give birth in February to a baby girl. She’s also turning 40 on January 31. She hasn’t been seen out of her house lately, as she is almost due.  Sean and wife Jung Hye Young will also be welcoming their fourth child in August. Jung, who last appeared in Playful Kiss, is three months pregnant. And finally Ricky Kim (who appeared in ATHENA as Victor Sevchenko/Sasha, and in Jejoongwon) is expecting his first child with musical actress Ryu Seung Joo, whom he married in 2009.

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