News Bits: 9/20-9/21/11 Edition

I’m sorely behind on news updates aren’t I? They come in bits and pieces… every three-four days or so…kekeke…Why the two dates? Because in my world, it’s already the 21st, but I SWEAR I was writing this on the 20th.

Anyways – it’s a complete TRAVESTY to see Yoona of SNSD be cast opposite Jang Geun Suk in the drama Love in the Rain, headed by the Four Seasons-director Yoon Suk Ho. She was chosen because she could portray “innocence and purity” required of the dual characters she’s playing (the mother in the 1970’s and the daughter in present time; Jang is doing the same thing with his character). Why do I hate the casting choice so much?

Because 1) I saw her in 9 End 2 Outs and she was irritating. She’s perfect at being annoying; and 2) I don’t see her appeal. I get that she kinda matches with Jang Geun Suk in terms of youth and looks, but she’s not amazing. I don’t see why people think she’s cute; I think her face is too expressionless save for a placid smile; she’s not even interesting in SNSD music videos; and I don’t think she’s someone who should headline a big drama like this.

I refuse to watch this drama, unless someone puts a head restraint on me to lock my eyes on the screen and watch her act. Call me violently biased, but hey, I can have my opinion on an actress right?

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News Bits: 7/7/11 Edition

Cha Seung Won recently won two awards in Mnet’s 20’s Choice Awards. Hosted by Suzy and Song Joong Ki, the awards show gave ukelele trophies to stars chosen by the fans in many categories. For Cha, he won both Hot Drama Actor and Hot Male Body (with a 6-pack). No doubt this is because of his burst of fame from Greatest Love. His costar Gong Hyo Jin also won Hot Drama Actress and Hot Style Icon.

Other winners included KARA (Hot Hallyu Star), Suzy (Hot New Star), B2ST (Hot Performance Star), Honey Lee (Hot Female Body), Yoo Ah In (Hot 20’s Voice), and Goo Hara (Hot Campus Girl). The full list can be seen here.

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News Bits: 7/4/11 Edition

Happy July 4th! Hope you’re all having fun with barbecues or watching the fireworks!

Yoon Eun Hye went down to Taiwan for a photo shoot – looks like to promote a new cellphone – and tweeted some photos of her fellow model Ethan Ruan! The two of them brought out the charms with their V-signs and making faces.

Man, they just look so good together…

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News Bits: 6/2/11 Edition

There is a lot of dating announcements… because spring has just passed and we’re hurtling into summer!!

First up, Song Chang Ui (of the upcoming Heartstrings) is dating singer Lisa. The two of them met on the musical “Gwanghwamun Sonata” (which also starred B2st’s Yoseob for those of you who care), and it evolved into an off-stage romance.

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News Bits: 5/30/11 Edition

Daesung from Big Bang was involved in a car accident! He was apparently speeding down a highway (though definitely not intoxicated) and hit a taxi that had stopped in the middle of the road. The taxi had been trying to avoid a fallen motorcyclist, and the driver had stopped to check the motorcyclist’s condition. That’s when Daesung’s car hit him. The motorcyclist was pronounced dead on the scene, but it hasn’t been confirmed whether it was due to a previous accident, an accident with the taxi driver, or an accident caused by Daesung. That conclusion will have to wait for the autopsy.

Either way, the lovable member of Big Bang is in trouble for speeding.

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News Bits: 5/27/11 Edition

Another suicide. Chae Dong Ha (from the group SG Wannabe) was found dead in his home after hanging himself.

Once again, depression has been cited as the cause, and the star was even taking prescription drugs to battle it. His body has already been taken to the hospital for his funeral. An autopsy will be performed to fully investigate how and why he passed away.

*sigh. I hate to sound cynical but it feels like, “Here we go again…” with all the deaths. Why oh why don’t these actors get help?! If Korea has this taboo-like attitude towards mental diseases, then it’s about time they change it. It’s about time some brave actor stands up and says “I have depression and I’m treating it.” That way there might be less suicides.

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News Bits: 5/25/11 Edition

City Hunter is premiering today!! Are you tuning in? I’m not. HAHA. Well – after the salacious-standard-shower-scene (ooh! alliteration!), we shall see.

The photos even show off the wounds Lee Min Ho supposedly sustained during his training. I don’t think they’re real, although if they are, I’m impressed. It shows dedication, and a complete disregard of having the “perfect body” as an actor. I like my actors flawed in some way – makes them more human, yunno? But then again – movie make-up is a standard, and in Korea it’s probably easy to get plastic surgery fix up those scars…

I’m also sure that these photos were released to help amp up interest in the drama. It’s going to be battling a lot of other heavy hittersBest Love, which will most likely shoot up to #1 in ratings with the exit of 49 Days, and Romance Town, which has single digit ratings but has generated a lot of interest thanks to Sung Yuri‘s acting. So the question is, who do people want to see more? Sung Yuri, or Park Min Young? For me, it’s Sung Yuri. Not only am I already invested in the drama, but because I don’t like Park Min Young too much. She’s OK (from Sungkyunkwan Scandal), so I’m kind of “meh” towards her. As for Sung Yuri, I had not seen her in a drama before, so for me she’s like “fresh blood” to my eyes. I’m more willing to give her a chance.

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News Bits: 5/23/11 Edition

I’m caught up on Lie To Me! I’m caught up! Oh the little things make me so happy!

I’m finally up to episode 4 (and episode 5-6 airs this week), and I have to say I am so in love with Sung Joon. I don’t mean that I want him with Yoon Eun Hye (although the two of them are more fun to watch because they’re playful around each other. On the other hand, her character is perpetually afraid of Kang Ji Hwan’s.), but he’s just awesome. From his awesome reunion scene with his aunt at the restaurant, to his mock fight with his brother at their parents’ grave site, to how he was able to orchestrate the entire China-representative deal without his brother knowing – Sung Joon is awesome!

I love the above still, when Kang Ji Hwan finally says, “Honey – I’m here!” in the same way that she did it.

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