Birdie Buddy: Episode 13

Advantages of this drama: the 45-minute episodes help make the drama feel fast paced; the length of the drama (24 episodes) allow for a slower but better character development. Case in point: I hate Jung Woo’s actions and conflicting feelings, but I can understand them better because nothing’s rushed.

Disadvantages of this drama: too much of Sae Hwa being stubborn; the plots keep recycling in some way – competition, setback, withdrawal, resurgence. And the mother just keeps cycling between controlling and frustrated.

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Birdie Buddy: Episode 12

Fabian’s training episodes are pretty cool when you see it, but not that interesting in concept. In general – he’s just training her for when she runs into trouble – her ball falls in the water, or falls into the woods. Mi Soo already can do well in the open green, so he just does “targeted training” so to speak. It makes for interesting sequences because they’re so tough, and you want to see Mi Soo succeed.

However, it also means that Mi Soo will succeed, and therefore the training sequences are so limited. I want more Fabian!!!!

Also, it’s interesting to note that Danny is starting to stand up to Sae Hwa now. He’s finally unable to tolerate how Sae Hwa just glosses over all her problems.

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Birdie Buddy: Episode 11

**Sorry these recaps are coming up late! Episode 12 coming soon!**

I LOVE Fabian. He might be a masochistic old man with a rough (but clear) Korean speaking manner, but he’s what makes it hilarious. His expressions are so hammy that they’re kinda awesome. But Jung Woo? I hate him. I don’t get him. I am annoyed at him. And yet, he’s kind of an interesting character… more on that later.

As for Hae Ryung, she became downright whiny in these two episodes. I’m kind of glad that they pushed her out of the picture (artificially) by episode 12 because she is one messed up kid.

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Birdie Buddy: Episode 9-10

Finally! We move forward! While last week had plenty of developments on the Hae Ryung front, I felt like we could have moved on after getting all those hints that Joon Mo is Hae Ryung’s father. I wanted Mi Soo to move on from her constant wishy-washy-ness and just be a golfing pro already.

I know this isn’t the most popular of series, so I’m considering in making the recaps shorter and more concise.

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Birdie Buddy: Episode 7

The focus of episodes 7-8 is admittedly more about Hae Ryung than about Mi Soo. However, it’s so interesting for me to be engrossed about a secondary character that is a rival to our lead, and still not hate her. I usually have very little interest in secondary characters, but Hae Ryung’s character is thankfully complex with her mysterious background.

It’s a little crazy though how everyone is so closely connected.

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News Bits: 8/23/11 Edition

Something’s up when media outlets are reporting on UEE’s killer legs that were showcased in a recent episode of Birdie Buddy. Guys – we get it. She’s got the legs in town. We know you have nothing better to do but ogle at her legs. Stop writing about it.

*does some more squats*

Oh and Birdie Buddy got one of its highest ratings so far – 1.23% on AGB. Which is high by the way for a cable channel.

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Birdie Buddy: Episode 4

I am officially in love with this drama.

Something about it being an underdog drama, coupled with it being winsome and light, with a dash of rivalry but nothing intense, and a sprinkle of “slice-of-life” simplicity makes this one worth watching for me. I must be weak if I keep reacting the way I do to this drama…

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