Fool’s Love: Episode 7 Recap


So the big question for me is, ‘Does Kang Chul really think he’s gay, or does he really not know about Ho Kyung?’ Because as an outside viewer of this drama, you just know Kang Chul mistook Ho Kyung for Ho Goo. You just don’t know why.

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Fool’s Love: Episode 5 Recap


This episode was good, if not uncomfortable. I have to give it kudos for not being afraid of making Kang Chul a douchebag, and while he is a funny character, he makes me feel uneasy just enough to really hate him. Hilariously though, the episode is titled ‘Let’s Use Condoms.’ That’s just too awesome.

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Fool’s Love: Episode 2 Recap


An episode that moves this quickly suggests that some time jumping is going to occur because it can’t be happily ever after too fast! We finally meet Im Seulong‘s character, and it’s surely interesting to see how this grumpy lawyer is going to fit into the scheme of things. So far… he doesn’t do much.

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Fool’s Love: Episode 1 Recap


Fool’s Love, or Ho Goo’s Love, is such an entertaining little drama! I kind of missed it as it follows a similar tone of Flower Boy Ramen Shop, Flower Boy Next Door, and Dating Agency: Cyrano from tvN. It’s got a happy, humorous whimsy to it, and it’s all thanks to the director, Pyo Min Soo, who did Heartstrings, Coffee House, and Full House. 

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Birdie Buddy: Episode 15

I loved this episode for all the exposition. It’s about time we all learned more about what’s really going on. Even though we got hints as to everyone’s hidden motives and their pasts, it’s kind of refreshing to get it all out in the open. That moment of revelation is very satisfying for me.

Plus – 9 more episodes and we’re at the end!

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Birdie Buddy: Episode 14

Not an exciting episode, but again the focus was on Hae Ryung. Though Lee Da Hee isn’t a bad actress, I think her storyline has just gotten to a point where I just don’t care. It’s always her fighting with her mother, and she keeps holding a grudge against Jung Woo. Most of the other characters have moved on, but I feel like she’s still revolving on the same plane.

Nevertheless, her actions are simply setting her up to be Mi Soo’s great rival.

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