Fool’s Love: Episode 16 Recap [Final]


The mermaid is looking for the squid! I repeat, the mermaid is looking for the squid! This was a really nice ending for Fool’s Love – some questions get answered, and some don’t. But either way, you have a bunch of characters who have realized their full potential and found their happiness.

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Fool’s Love: Episode 15 Recap


If the series ended  here, I would be happy. I don’t even need all my questions answered. This drama has tugged my heartstrings so many times in the last three episodes – pulling it this way and that – that I just want to stay still and be happy. Let the questions stay unanswered if it means I can just be happy!

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Fool’s Love: Episode 14 Recap


This episode certainly had me excited over the cute moments and then a bit tearful during the touching moments, much like a seesaw. It packed all the punches, which is not what I really wanted right now! But we’re nearing the point of resolution, so it’s all so necessary… GRRR.

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Fool’s Love: Episode 12 Recap


OH MY GOD WHAT AN AWESOME EPISODE. After weeks of slower paced episodes with smaller revelations and cute moments, this episode just had me letting out gut-busting laughter, and also feeling very touched and warm-hearted. Almost everything comes into light, and even if it hasn’t been confirmed by the show yet, the seeds are there so you know the truths that the show is slowly spinning out.

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Fool’s Love: Episode 9 Recap


Well doesn’t this get a little awkward. While Do Hee and Ho Goo’s romance heats up, Kang Chul gets a little hot under the collar as well. It’s amazing how we’ve only moved perhaps a week since the birth, and yet these characters have revealed so much to us and changed in many ways.

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