News Bits: 4/14/11 Edition

Wonder Girls have pretty much disappeared from my mind; if they came out with a new single, I don’t think I was very interested in it. Their activities in the US have certainly made them stray far from the K-pop scene in Korea, and yet their photo spread in Teen Vogue labels them as “queen bees” of K-pop. It’s all marketing, I tell ya.

I think it’s the make-up, but it’s sad to see how much these girls have aged – they look far older than I think they should be.

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An Interview with Big Bang

I am sooooo addicted to Big Bang’s latest singles – especially “What is Right” because it has enough of a funky and happy vibe to it that makes it catchy. After reading their interview, I now want to go back and listen to that and “Tonight” with a more analytical ear.

And so what follows is an excerpt of their interview with asiae.

Their parody of Secret Garden included!

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Filipino Friday!

Guess what I’m doing on a Friday night? The TV is tuned in to the Filipino Channel of all things, and after laughing at the ridiculous Filipino dramas while eating dinner, the gossip news came on and it was all about Maria Aragon, the Lady Gaga-cover sensation on Youtube who is younger than Charice Pempengco and probably the next Charice.

I mean, she’s appeared on Ellen Degeneres’ show already. Next stop is for Oprah to lay her hands on the girl and the next thing we know, she’s crediting Oprah for discovering her.

(P.S. I just realized three posts in a row feature videos.)

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News Bits: 6/24/10 Edition

Sandara Park landed in L.A. to shoot a new music video with Tae Yang for his upcoming solo album. The music video is for his first single “I Need a Girl” (no – not desperate at all, dude). Sandara appeared before in his music video for “Wedding Dress.” The two of them must be really good friends… (Edit: it turned out to be a rumor that Sandara appeared in “Wedding Dress”)

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