Twenty Again: Episode 1 Recap


This was quite a confusing and also odd episode for the start of Twenty Again. Whimsical and amusing, but forcefully so. It doesn’t have the same charm as Oh My Ghostess that’s for sure, but it’s certainly an intriguing concept and I would like to see it play out.

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Photos from the Set of 49 Days

OK it’s about time I give this drama some lovin’. I’m fully intent on watching this drama because I have become a huge fan of the writer, So Hyun Kyung. In all honesty though, the poster itself is not very appealing, and I seriously do hope they will change it. But I will put in my faith in the cast and writer. Photos include Lee Yo Won (looking a lot like Nam Gyu Ri, so let me know if I’m wrong), Bae Soo Bin, Jung Il Woo, and Bae Soo Bin proposing to Nam Gyu Ri with flowers. Or maybe he’s just presenting her some as a Valentine’s Day gift.

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