Battle For Jung Gyu Woon: Endodo vs. Kaedejun

Endodo: Sigh. I think it’s becoming difficult for me to share JKW with you.
Kaedejun: His hotness in Romance Town is becoming too much. I think I need him for myself…No money, but badass? Mine mine mine mine mine.

Sign: Episode 18

Oh man – I need to get my butt moving with these recaps. There is no way in hell I can do this if I’ve got Romance Town on my plate! Heh.

If you think I’m being slow, feel free to shoot me a comment that says something like, “Yo Kaedejun – get yo’ ass movin’ and gimme those recaps! Why the hell you so slow?!” Typing it in a New York accent will definitely get me scurrying.

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Kim Jung Tae in Manny



I was skimming through Manny today (I know – not giving it justice, but I’ll watch it at a later date – marathon right through it) but someone caught my eye.

Kim Jung Tae. Otherwise known as killer-CEO Jung Cha Young in Sign. Except here in Manny, he’s a benign, crazy K-drama lover who wants his romantic life to mimic one, and he’s in love with Choi Jung Yoon‘s character.


Check out Manny on DramaFever.

Sign: Episode 17

Episode 17! I love the director/writer. He and his wife/writing partner have managed to weave in so many threads intot he story earlier that there are plenty of loose threads that need tying up. This is the episode where you think the Seo Yoon Hyung case is over, and where you’d think the series would get boring. However – Kim Sung Oh is not boring.

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Sign: Episode 16

I think the reason why I’ve been behind in these recaps is because they’ve become so long! I guess you could say I’m unaccustomed to it…? Well – on my blog at least.

Anyways – marching on. Trust me – I’m not beleaguered by this drama. I still maintain that this is an awesome drama.

I also think that recapping this (so late) also makes me more inclined to watch Romance Town, because I’m watching Jung Gyu Woon in all his glory.

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