News Bits: 10/29/2015 Edition


Some news for the week… Big Bang’s MADE concert is coming to a home near you! DramaFever will release a two-hour edited version of the concert in New Jersey’s Prudential Center on November 6 for premium users, and November 11 for all users. (Yep – it’s the same concert I went to!) This will be DramaFever’s first original in-house production. Get ready to re-live the concert! Or, watch it for the first time ever! [link]

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Tomorrow’s Cantabile: A Light Review


Okay – I FINALLY caught up and finished the rest of the series. I definitely did enjoy this series, even though it’s nothing to call home about. What’s great are the little moments – and the perfectly gif-able expressions and reactions that occur. But once it really gets to the story, I think this drama fails. And miserably so by the last few episodes.

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Highlights from Tomorrow’s Cantabile: Episodes 11-12


Okay I’m finally ALL CAUGHT UP with Tomorrow’s Cantabile. As much as I enjoyed my trip to Asia, jet lag is a major killer. Anyways, I really enjoyed these past two episodes because we’re seeing more development and growth with Nae Il. Things are not all fun and games, but we do see Yoo Jin coming around and becoming a better person slowly. He’s starting to trust others more rather than shunning everyone, and it makes him a better match to Nae Il now. I find that the fight for Nae Il’s heart is a bit more fair between Yoo Jin and Yoon Hoo now. In any case, it’s time for Nae Il’s debut! Yay!

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Highlights from Tomorrow’s Cantabile: Episodes 9-10


FINALLY – I have enough internet bandwidth to catch up on these episodes! In any case these were once again slower episodes for the series. It’s understandable – Yoo Jin needs to recognize how important they are to him, and Nae Il needs to grow up. She’s been infantilized from the beginning as she was called ‘Baby’ and ‘kid’ by von Stresemann and Yoo Jin respectively, and she even hides behind people with a hunched back like a three-year-old. So it’s about time that she straighten up her back, recognize her own talents, and become her own woman. Sadly I think Yoon Hoo will be the one who can do that for her, but won’t get her in the end.

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Highlights from Tomorrow’s Cantabile: Episode 8


Ack! Episode 8 was such a bummer! I know that it’s integral to the storyline as we have to develop all the other characters and create a schism between Yoo Jin and Il Rak so that they have a big conflict to get over. But at the same time I missed the fun, whimsical aspect of this drama!

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Highlights from Tomorrow’s Cantabile: Episode 7


This episode was a bit of a downer for me because I think we got more into the conflict between Yoo Jin’s own dreams and his loyalty to his friends. While Yoo Jin is still figuring out what he wants to do, Yoon Hoo has stepped in as an excellent substitute for the S Orchestra. Yoon Hoo is already trying to win Nae Il’s heart, but he ends up “taking” Yoo Jin’s friends because he’s willing to stay by the side of S Orchestra, even if he is a genius cellist. I was really sad because the love triangle just got beefed up, and it’s my K-drama heart that’s being irrationally angry towards Yoon Hoo and everything that he does well. It doesn’t help that Yoon Hoo is cute too. Ack! 

Nevertheless there were some fun performances by the orchestra! Mambo!

*Warning – spoilers will exist in the gifs below…*
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7 Actresses Who Choose Bangs for 2014


It seems to be a trend to have bangs for Korean actresses nowadays as they change their look to fit a character they’re to portray. It’s funny because we can see the difference as they go from drama to drama, which could just mean a matter of months in between. And most of them start off the year with long wavy hair, which I personally think makes them all look alike, before opting for bangs or shorter hair. So yay for some diversity in hairstyles! Except, it doesn’t suit well on every girl…

So – yay or nay on these bangs?

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News Bits: 4/27/11 Edition

Kim Kang Woo is now a father! His wife, Han Mu Young (the older sister of Han Hye Jin) gave birth to a healthy baby boy on the afternoon of April 27 (Korea time). Whaaa – married in June, and baby in April! This is one happy family indeed – congrats!

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News Bits: 7/30/10

Lovely Jang Geun Suk posed for famous Korean photographer Jo Se Hyun to be part of a photo exhibition titled “Beautiful Eyes.” The idea behind the exhibition was “a person’s story is told with their eyes and that a person will look beautiful if he/she has a beautiful gaze.” Jang was featured alongside Park Ye Jin (Queen Seon Deok), Bae Jong Ok (The World They Live In, On Air), and Jang Mi Hee (Prince’s First Love) and other celebrities. Proceeds from the event will go to World Vision. I love seeing him more natural than all made up for his roles.

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