A Year in Review: 2015’s Top 10


This year went by in a blur! I think 2015 was a good year but I was certainly pickier about the dramas I watched, having only watched a little over 10 series. There was only so much time I could invest in watching without interfering with life. And yes – there is such thing as life! So it works out that I managed to make a Top 10 list of everything I saw this year, with clear winners and losers and everything in between. Note: There are some spoilers to the dramas.

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She Was Pretty: A Review


This was quite the enjoyable, mindless drama that one needs every so often. It helps that it had a winning cast and great chemistry between the main four leads. The writing was nothing spectacular, except for a few nuggets of witticisms, and had seriously devolved by the end of the series. But it didn’t take away from the series being fun. Spoilers ahead.

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Sunday Roundup: Bubblegum and more – 11/01/2015


More ramblings from this week’s episodes! Again, I really don’t intend to do a lot of recapping; these are more like reactionary posts about the episodes that I watched in the past week.

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Sunday Roundup: Cheer Up, She Was Pretty – 10/25/2015


8 episodes in one week – it was a lot and I attempted to squeeze in a few more episodes of LAST but ended up just marathoning 8 more episodes of Orphan Black, of which I’m catching up on the second season. So much TV, so little time! So here’s a roundup on the last few episodes of K-dramas that I managed to watch in the past week without much intention to recap.

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Thoughts on ‘She Was Pretty’, ‘Last’, ‘Cheer Up’


So many shows, so little time! As much as I would love to recap more shows, I know that I just don’t have the time to do so. Twenty Again is pretty much the time slot I’m keeping myself to, unless Answer Me 1988 ends up being a ‘non-watch’ for me. But I haven’t stopped watching dramas! And so here’s just a few “first impressions” of She Was Pretty, Last, and Cheer Up – all very different dramas and all very enjoyable and worth checking out.

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