Cheese in the Trap: Episode 15 Recap


Holy cheese and mackerel. This is quite an intense episode, even though it clocks in at a cool 59 minutes. All the kids are a little messed up, and I think we can blame Mr. Yoo for it. He is the original crazy one, and his actions years ago have now made a couple of them a little more crazy than they should be. You can probably guess who.

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Cheese in the Trap: Episode 14 Recap


Oh the feels! And I mean seriously – had the feels. I had my heart melt, my heart freeze, my heart shatter, and then my heart slowly be rebuilt. It feels like this drama has so many more stories to tell, but then you realize that it will never finish telling it all. I can only hope that we can reach some sort of peace with where the characters are going. So far, this episode did not give me much peace, but hopefully it can be resolved next week.

And once again, during the “episode title” interstitial, Seol once again hugs a man. Doesn’t matter if it’s Jung or In Ho at this point, but she’s always hugging or being hugged.

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Cheese in the Trap: Episode 13 Recap


At this point, Seol has been hugged by some guy in the past three episodes during the interstitial announcing the episode number. Just sayin’.

This is a more emotional episode, as we have to give some time to In Ho to resolve his own personal issues, come to terms with his past, and figure out what he wants to do with Seol. I’m so glad there was a lot less school drama to deal with in this episode.

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Cheese in the Trap: Episode 11 Recap


AAAAND we’re back! Finally after a week’s hiatus the show is back and it’s better than ever. It doesn’t lose too much steam, and in fact shows us a happier side to all the drama that had been happening in previous weeks. I am quite satisfied with the way the episode turned out, with plenty of cute moments to get by.

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Cheese in the Trap: Episode 9 Recap


AHHHHH! This was the episode where all the suffocation I felt for Seol was finally released, like I had just surfaced from a deep ocean and had my first breath of sweet sweet oxygen. That’s not to say her troubles are over – in fact, it’s far from it. But it’s finally getting to the point where things just might be really fun for everyone.

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Cheese in the Trap: Episode 8 Recap


Oh man I have a really hard time accepting all the crazy people around Seol. I feel so suffocated watching everyone around her start distrusting her or spread rumors about her when she isn’t even doing anything to antagonize them. She and her classmates are in such a small ecosystem that I just want her to break free! Lucky Jung – he gets to go to work and experience life outside of school. As for In Ho, he gets some needed character growth in this episode.

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Cheese in the Trap: Episode 7 Recap


An exciting episode, although I find myself torn (yet again!) over Jung’s intentions. For the first time he really scared me, and at the same time I had this foolish hope that maybe Jung is a victim here. That maybe he’s someone that needs some healing. But that would be giving too much credit to the first male lead, as if I really don’t want to find fault in him when there is.

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