News Bits: 9/6/11 Edition

Looks like it might be good for Kang Ho Dong if “2 Days 1 Night” took a break. He’s currently been under investigation for tax evasion. Kang publicly apologized for this and was fined hundreds of millions of Won for his crime. Of course, this made netizens and many viewers angry and disappointed.

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47th Baeksang Awards

Photos! Winners! Whee!

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News Bits: 4/1/11 Edition

I thought about ways to pull off an April Fool’s prank since, well, it’s April Fool’s. Then I thought about pulling my site down for the day – but I couldn’t because I already posted something about Kim So Yeon. Then I thought about how much I was thinking about this and how tiring it was to continually write something interesting and (hopefully) have people coming back for more. And then I thought about how tired I was in general (because if you haven’t noticed, I’m lagging behind in recaps) and how much I had to keep my blog up to date. And then I thought about how much time I spend on this blog and so I realized that I don’t want to pull a prank. Rather, I would like to formally announce my retirement.

After this post (or today’s posts), I will no longer be updating ‘Kaede+Jun’ – focusing solely on the other aspects of my life that require immediate attention. I’m sorry to those who have followed and read my blog, and I’m sure those who never knew it existed won’t be sorry at all.

I guess you could say I’m going to military duty – but with no due-back date and with no management company to keep my memory alive.

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Secret Garden Frenzy Just Won’t Die

Gahhhh! It’s so crazy! Not that I’m complaining about the frenzy because I do love the series. I just don’t love it THAAAAAT much, and I DO want to try and move on. If I go through that funky phase that I did with You’re Beautiful, then it means that I wouldn’t be able to move on for another three months. And that’s just too long.

Aside from the special episode (which was awesome solely for Yoon Sang Hyun and finding out which scenes the actors were really sleeping in), the production team has announced that they will be holding two more special episodes on Lunar New Year. Lunar New Year falls on February 3rd this year, and the special episodes will air on February 4. It will be the “Secret Garden Special Edition,” which, if it’s another special like the Secret Garden Special, I’m gonna bust some karate chops on the team – I don’t care if Hyun Bin is going to the military, I will beat him down first.

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Win a Free Secret Garden T-Shirt!

OK – the Secret Garden furor isn’t really dying down. I don’t think even My Princess can take over it, even though it’s popular in its own right. Reminds me of You’re Beautiful, when I was stuck on that drama for months after it ended…

[No spoilers on Secret Garden please. Though I spoiled myself silly with the dramabeans recap (dumb, dumb, dumb move) I will refuse to talk about it until I’ve actually seen the ep myself.]

Until then… DramaFever has created a new contest – Tweet or Facebook your love of Secret Garden to enter to win an originally-designed T-shirt with chibi Kim Joo Won and Gil Ra Im.

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Secret Garden-Boys Over Flowers Mash-Up


Secret Garden is ending this weekend. boohoo!!!! But the fans are diehard and still going strong. It’s gotten enough frenzy that a certain blogger made a parody video called “Secret Over Flowers” cutting together clips of Joo Won and Jun Pyo’s scenes to make it seem like they’re interacting and competing over who’s better than who.

To summarize, it’s basically a man-up-manship where the two of them compare their wealth. Jun Pyo tries to steal Ra Im for himself, causing Joo Won to get really pissed off. They continue to antagonize each other and Joo Won threatens to call his lawyer. They both get the treatment of disgust when the stuntmen realize that Jun Pyo can’t eat pork skin either, and then Joo Won has a drunken night ending up in Jun Pyo’s bed. Looks like a male romance is blooming!

source: soompi

News Bits: 1/11/11 Edition

Ack! I just finished watching Secret Garden episode 17, and GAH – TEARJERKER! OK, I realize that certain parts of it were pretty sappy, no lie, but when you put a great male actor like Hyun Bin in front of me, crying his eyes out, I can’t help but want to cry too. Not that I did, I’m just saying I wanted to.

Anyways – the scene in the hospital? BEST SCENE EVER. Why? Because it just put all the actors (save the mother) in one place at one time, acting their hearts out. And to be hit with all that at once is just overwhelming.

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News Bits: 1/5/11 Edition

Secret Garden will be holding a concert featuring songs from the OST next weekend. Baek Ji Young, 4Men, Yoon Sang Hyun, and Hyun Bin will all appear at the concert (yes – Hyun Bin’s got a song to sing). The OST has proved popular, selling thousands of copies. Footage from the concert will also be used in the Sunday night finale. Kinda like what You’re Beautiful did…which makes me wonder if Oska will make a love proclamation to Seul at the end of the night. Or maybe to Joo Won…

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