A Year in Review: KDrama Watching in 2010

I debated for a while on whether I should write up this post. I mean, come on – every other Kdrama blogging site is doing one. Or, the ones I read do. I also admittedly have skimmed through a lot. Yes. Skim.

I have to say that 2010 was a big year for me in terms of dramas. I have never worked so closely with dramas before, and recapping is a pure joy. As I was compiling the list, I realized that I saw more dramas than I ever have in my entire life. Some were not to completion, and some were fleeting. But I included them in the list because I get to explain why I didn’t continue a certain drama. I also realized that I watched a LOT of SBS dramas. I also saw a lot of dramas that were not made or released in 2010, but more like catching up.

So here goes, a review of dramas I saw that came out in 2010 – the good, the meh, and the bad.

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News Bits: 12/21/10 Edition

Four days to CHRISTMAS!!!

I’m not going to keep up with the countdown. Psh. Soon enough I just won’t care enough to post! LALALALALALALALALALA!

I’m feeling all kooky today. But on to the news bits!

Kim Joon is going to grad school! Part of the boy band T-MAX, the singer-actor will attend the Hankook University of Foreign Studies under the Department of Global Cultural Contents in March. He will graduate in February from Hankook University Undergrad in the Japanese department. He had initially studied chemistry (ambitious…) but switched to the cyber university in Japanese because of filming for Boys Over Flowers.

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