News Bits: 11/12/2015 Edition


Yesterday was 11/11 – Pepero Day! Also known as Happy Singles’ Day and lots of sales were happening. Also known as Veteran’s Day, and also Happy Diwali. Lots of things yesterday – but most importantly I hope everyone had some Pepero! And now on to the news…

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10 Asian and Hollywood Celebrity Look Alikes


Have you ever felt like you’re watching an Asian drama and see a Hollywood lookalike standing right before you? Or even vice versa while in a theater watching a Hollywood movie, and you see your favorite Korean actor on the big screen? Here are a few actors who seem to have a Hollywood counterpart, and it’s kind of hard to explain until you get a good look at them or even see them in action!

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Park Shin Hye Crowned ‘New Queen of Hallyu’


In case this wasn’t obvious beforePark Shin Hye (Pinocchio) has recently been crowned the ‘New Queen of Hallyu’ as she is the first South Korean actress to have surpassed 700 million followers on the Chinese social media site Weibo. In addition, her shows – especially Pinocchio – have been huge hits internationally, with record number of views for Pinocchio on Youku, a Chinese video streaming site not unlike Youtube.

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News Bits: 9/24/11 Edition

OMG. JOO JI HOON. Comeback!?

SBS has announced that they might air Daepoongsoo (tentative title), a 50-episode historical drama about the founding of the Joseon dynasty with Joo Ji Hoon headlining. It was supposed to go up by the end of 2011, but might be reconsidered for the end of 2012 since production is still in the air.

This would have been Joo’s comeback after he completes his service in November. He had also halted his acting career in 2009 due to being caught for illegal drug use.

I would be SO excited, because I really like him. He knows how to emote, and is the first (and rare) actor who made me cry while watching a drama (it was Goong). But since this is really way off in the future, I won’t keep my hopes up too high, since casting changes are sudden and fickle.

Oh who am I kidding? Kyaa!

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News Bits: 8/16/11 Edition

Why hello Han Ye Seul! Hope L.A. weather is working for ya!

Funny ’cause… her mom arrived in Seoul. I just want to say – her case has been shockingly addicting for the Korean entertainment world, and as far as I know, unprecedented. I want to stop reporting about her, but I can’t. It’s like crack. I just want to know what happens next!

Although, it looks like they’re just going to kill her off.

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News Bits: 8/13/11 Edition

Well if we can’t get them in a drama together, a photo shoot works too! Jang Geun Suk and Park Shin Hye pose pretty for Codes Combine’s Haiker 2011 Fall-Winter Line. Jang has been modeling for them since last year, but Park has recently teamed up with him.

OK – I need photos of them together stat!

Jung Yong Hwa and Park Shin Hye’s Ice Cream Date

Looks like our Heartstrings couple is going to go on a date! Or try to. Or not.

Whichever way it is, they end up at Baskin Robbins, which immediately brings back memories of when Jung Yong Hwa was watching over Park Shin Hye by guiding her through the streets and telling her where to go for food or clothes or dessert in You’re Beautiful. That was one of the sweetest scenes with the two of them together. I think I need to rewatch that series just to watch the two of them… because honestly back then Jang Geun Suk took up too much of my attention to really pay proper attention to Jung.

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A Spate of Car Accidents Plague Actors

Really, almost every other day, someone’s had a car accident. I’m sure the current weather in Korea isn’t helping, as it is the rainy season, and even if you drive carefully, you can still end up skidding. But still…can we get no-skid tires and alert drivers for these people!?

Yoo Seung Ho is the latest actor to get in a car accident.

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