News Bits: 8/6/11 Edition


It’s been reported that Rain is in talks to do a Hollywood project after he completes his military service. He tweeted a photo of himself and said he was proposed with an upcoming film alongside Richard Gere. Now I don’t know how true this will be – or if it will even ever happen – but I’m really skeptical about how that movie will turn out.

Yup – I don’t think it’ll be too good. But that’s my gut speaking.

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News Bits: 8/1/11 Edition

Oh dear. Kim Jeong Hoon (currently in I Need Romance) recently got booked for DUI and had his driver’s license revoked. Someone reported him for driving after drinking, and was pulled over. His alcohol level was 0.129%, which was enough for him to get his license revoked.

The actor was just getting his stride after coming back from the military, acting in I Need Romance and shooting the film “Punchline” with Yoo Dong Gun. He was also set to host two music shows in Japan – “Gaon Monthly Countdown” and “M-Studio.”

Well – at least he didn’t get into an accident.

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The Princess’ Man: First Impressions

Well. Ahem* It was Park Shi Hoo. But also, I kept seeing comments about me recapping this series.

For one thing, I don’t think I can recap this series for several reasons. I particularly don’t like historical dramas in general, and have a hard time recapping them. For example – my failed recaps of Queen Seondeok that I haven’t even finished. Secondly, I don’t have time to write them up. I’ll be damned if I do start writing recaps for this one, on top of Heartstrings and I Need Romance.

But! I have to say – I liked the first episode.

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The Princess’ Man Press Conference

Romance Town is coming to an end, and so that means The Princess’ Man is coming to the small screen! It premieres next Wednesday, and so the cast dressed up in their good ol’ Joseon robes and held a press conference. All I could think about was how fine their clothes looked, how ridiculously luxurious they seemed, and how hot it must be to wear those layers.

Lee Min Woo – who also stars and shouldn’t be forgotten, even though in my eyes he’s easily eclipsed by Park Shi Hoo – admitted that he injured his knee while filming.The one beside him Hong Soo Hyun.

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Park Shi Hoo Becomes a Floating Swordsman

More pictures from Park Shi Hoo‘s twitter account!

This time, these photos are more artistic, featuring him backlit by a bright white light and floating in the air. It’s eerily beautiful – reminds me of Joseon X Files too. I think these photos are more for a photoshoot or teaser though, but still – slick. I don’t even see the wires…

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The Princess’ Man Teaser Trailer

Whoa. Not what I was expecting.

First off, the teaser sounds super melodramatic, and it gets juxtaposed with Park Shi Hoo and Moon Chae Won‘s eerily smiling faces. There’s also weird images of two hands touching at the fingers, which reminds me more of Michelangelo’s painting on the Sistine Chapel than two lovers being separated. Then we get a dramatic shot of Moon falling off the roof of a house, interspersed with non-too-dramatic shots of Lee Soon Jae and Kim Young Chul, and then finally a dramatic hug on the rooftop of a house between Park and Moon. The last shot is the only thing that gives any nod to its Romeo and Juliet storyline.

The subtitles are as follows. It looks to be narrated partly from Moon Chae Won’s character, Se Ryung’s point of view.

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New Stills from ‘The Princess’ Man’ Poster Shoot

The cast of The Princess’ Man gathered together for an outdoor poster shoot. Park Shi Hoo, Moon Chae Won, Kim Young Chul, and Lee Soon Jae. Kim Young Chul is Moon’s father, while Lee Soon Jae is King Jong Seo.

There’s a playful vibe between the cast in these photos, and I grudgingly agree that Park Shi Hoo and Moon Chae Won look kind of good together. As long as Moon Chae Won acts well, and Park Shi Hoo creates chemistry with her, then I’ll be happy.

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Park Shi Hoo Shows Off On a Horse

Rely on Park Shi Hoo – or his manager – to post up pics behind the scenes of The Princess’ Man. The corresponding tweet describes how he’s having fun riding on horseback around the neighborhood.

There is also a shot of him with Moon Chae Won – or at least it looks like her from a side profile.

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