Neighborhood Hero: Episodes 5-6 Recap


I hoped a bit too much that this drama would get better after the hiatus and really ramp up, but it hasn’t. However it has connected a few loose ends (still quite loosely) and brought our main cast of characters a little closer together. I still feel there are too many things going on but at least we know that it’s a very small world in this neighborhood. And Park Shi Hoo just keeps pulling me back in with his impressive pull-ups…

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Neighborhood Hero: Episodes 3-4 Recap


Okay, this show gets slightly better in these two episodes, as long as we keep things in the present. What happens in episode four is enough to keep me watching out of curiosity. But I hope this show can just tighten up its storytelling and get rid of Choi Yoon So‘s character. No, seriously. Write her out of this show.

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Neighborhood Hero: First Impressions


I… really didn’t know what I should have expected. It’s a bit sad to say for the first two episodes that I’m actually more disappointed by the series than I thought I would be. But I should have seen the warning signs – with Kwak Jung Hwan as the director (and he did Basketball and Runaway Plan B before this), and a newbie writer on the scene. I watched it faithfully for Park Shi Hoo, but at the end of the day I really don’t know if I want to continue.

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Lee Soo Hyuk joins ‘Neighborhood’s Hero’


The cast is filling out for the OCN drama Neighborhood’s Hero, starring Park Shi Hoo and Yuri. Recently, Lee Soo Hyuk (The Scholar Who Walks the Night) has joined the cast as well – as the aspiring cop who trains under Park Shi Hoo’s wings. This should be very interesting…

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The Princess’ Man: Episode 14 – Live Recap

I have been wanting to do this ALL WEEK ever since I got to Seoul – to sit down in front of a TV, watch a Korean drama as it airs IN KOREA, have no idea what’s going on in the story, and just write a “recap.”

Sorry though – there won’t be many screencaps. I can’t exactly screencap a TV. Also the story most likely will be completely wrong.

So here goes!

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Jung Gyu Woon at JIMFF, Park Shi Hoo at Beach

Jung Gyu Woon tweeted a photo of him with his beloved co-ambassador Lee Yoon Ji on the last day of the Jecheon International Music and Film Festival. The both of them are PR Ambassadors for the festival, which started on August 11 and ran til the 15th. He tweeted that he hopes to come back next year – if it’s not raining again!

They’re a cute couple. Maybe they should star in a drama together…

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