News Bits: 11/19/2015 Edition


I’m all out of sorts schedule wise, so I’m sorry for being a little late with this! Without further ado… Goodbye Siwon and Changmin! You’re off to the army after your stints in drama-land (She Was Pretty and The Scholar Who Walks at Night), and we’ll see you in a year! (Okay, more than a year, but we’ll be okay!) [link]

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News Bits: 9/24/11 Edition

OMG. JOO JI HOON. Comeback!?

SBS has announced that they might air Daepoongsoo (tentative title), a 50-episode historical drama about the founding of the Joseon dynasty with Joo Ji Hoon headlining. It was supposed to go up by the end of 2011, but might be reconsidered for the end of 2012 since production is still in the air.

This would have been Joo’s comeback after he completes his service in November. He had also halted his acting career in 2009 due to being caught for illegal drug use.

I would be SO excited, because I really like him. He knows how to emote, and is the first (and rare) actor who made me cry while watching a drama (it was Goong). But since this is really way off in the future, I won’t keep my hopes up too high, since casting changes are sudden and fickle.

Oh who am I kidding? Kyaa!

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Park Min Young and Lee Min Ho are a Couple

And another headline to rip through all news sources like crazy!

Park Min Young and Lee Min Ho have confirmed that they’re dating. The City Hunter costars met after shooting wrapped for some drinks, and then became a couple. They’ve been together for about a month now.

Dammit. Now I really need to chop-chop and start watching City Hunter.

Also, does this mean my wish of a Park Shi Hoo-Kim So Yeon and/or Park Shin Hye-Jang Geun Suk pairing can come true?

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News Bits: 8/1/11 Edition

Oh dear. Kim Jeong Hoon (currently in I Need Romance) recently got booked for DUI and had his driver’s license revoked. Someone reported him for driving after drinking, and was pulled over. His alcohol level was 0.129%, which was enough for him to get his license revoked.

The actor was just getting his stride after coming back from the military, acting in I Need Romance and shooting the film “Punchline” with Yoo Dong Gun. He was also set to host two music shows in Japan – “Gaon Monthly Countdown” and “M-Studio.”

Well – at least he didn’t get into an accident.

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News Bits: 7/29/11 Edition

Park Shin Hye returns after her car accident with a new perm, showing off her new curls in a recent tweet. She had requested her “Lee Gyu Won” look, which her stylist then gave her, but now all she has to worry about is if her curls will fall apart in Korea’s current wet weather. Because she looks oh-so-cute, her photo has sent netizens a-buzzing about loving her hairstyle. Personally? I don’t even get why this made it on the news…and look, here I am writing about it! Heh.

News Bits: 5/25/11 Edition

City Hunter is premiering today!! Are you tuning in? I’m not. HAHA. Well – after the salacious-standard-shower-scene (ooh! alliteration!), we shall see.

The photos even show off the wounds Lee Min Ho supposedly sustained during his training. I don’t think they’re real, although if they are, I’m impressed. It shows dedication, and a complete disregard of having the “perfect body” as an actor. I like my actors flawed in some way – makes them more human, yunno? But then again – movie make-up is a standard, and in Korea it’s probably easy to get plastic surgery fix up those scars…

I’m also sure that these photos were released to help amp up interest in the drama. It’s going to be battling a lot of other heavy hittersBest Love, which will most likely shoot up to #1 in ratings with the exit of 49 Days, and Romance Town, which has single digit ratings but has generated a lot of interest thanks to Sung Yuri‘s acting. So the question is, who do people want to see more? Sung Yuri, or Park Min Young? For me, it’s Sung Yuri. Not only am I already invested in the drama, but because I don’t like Park Min Young too much. She’s OK (from Sungkyunkwan Scandal), so I’m kind of “meh” towards her. As for Sung Yuri, I had not seen her in a drama before, so for me she’s like “fresh blood” to my eyes. I’m more willing to give her a chance.

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News Bits: 5/20/11 Edition

I have been so enveloped in Korea news that I forget about Taiwan and Japan sometimes…

So in apologies – I offer a juicy still of Jiro Wang and Gu Hye Sun from their new Taiwanese drama Absolute Boyfriend. After Wu Zun dropped out of the project, his fellow Fahrenheit member stepped in. Jiro Wang plays the perfect boyfriend out of a box. He falls on top of Gu – NAKED – in this scene. Jiro Wang wore only skin colored safety pants (HEE!) that he said looked like diapers. Gu commented that she would have had him wear more clothes if she were the director.

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City Hunter Press Conference

Pictures from the City Hunter press conference! It was held yesterday, and expectations are high for this new drama.

The story has been rewritten from the original manga to better reflect the current times in South Korea. They did give Lee Min Ho‘s character a sad backstory about his father dying while on a mission and him being taken under his father’s friends’ wings while in Thailand. (Explains the shoot in Thailand.)

But onto the pictures!

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News Bits: 5/18/11 Edition

Oh my God. Just when you thought it was over…

The fight between Seo Taiji and Lee Jia rages on. I was already ready to move on to drama world – and they create their own drama in the headlines. Grr. Lee Jia had withdrawn her previous lawsuit, but apparently without notice to Seo Taiji’s side, and now he’s filing a lawsuit of his own. Yeah, I know right? His side wants to sort out the issue now, and so they’re both dragging their asses back to court on May 23.

I guess the reasoning is also that since everything is out in the open, they might as well sort out their problems rather than sweeping it under the rug. There’s no way they can escape this scandal anymore, so they might as well battle it out. Besides, who knows? What if Lee Jia decides to raise hell again and submit another lawsuit? I can understand if that’s Seo’s reasoning, but honestly? Why so public?

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Goo Hara Makes Her Appearance in City Hunter

Goo Hara from the band KARA makes her appearance in the drama City Hunter as the president’s daughter – who still manages to live it up as a young girl by going clubbing and being rebellious. I’m positive she’s the cause for Park Min Young‘s presence at said club, and why Lee Min Ho gave Park that kiss on the lips (perhaps he’s hiding from someone? I would love it though if he were just a cad and wanted to snatch his opportunity).

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