News Bits: 8/21/11 Edition

News flash! Yoo Ji Tae and girlfriend Kim Hyo Jin are to get married!

They’ve set the date for December 2. They’ve been dating for 5 years now (whooo freakin’ long!), and met on the set of a photo shoot in 2003. They were friends until they announced their relationship back in May 2007.

It’s good news after news of Yoo Ji Tae’s feature-length directorial debut came out. Yoo is currently working on a screenplay about a female migrant laborer, which I think would be interesting as there are plenty of immigrant workers in Korea. While “migrant” does not necessarily mean “immigrant,” I think it would be interesting if the film was about someone who’s not natively from Korea. Anyways – he’s already directed four short films, but this will be his first feature-length film.

Paradise Ranch: A Review

This is the cheesiest, fluffiest romantic comedy of 2011. Ugh.

Why am I even writing this review? Well, I’ve invested too much time into this series, and I already wrote a first impressions post. It had it’s shining moments, but honestly, I think the fault is in the writing more than the acting.

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Changmin and Lee Yeon Hee Style It Up

Paradise Ranch ended this week, and while the acting was over-the-top, borderline atrocious (OK, I’m exaggerating a bit), Lee Yeon Hee and Changmin manage to look very pretty for this photo shoot in High Cut magazine. OK, more than pretty – they’re stylin’. I wish Changmin’s character on Paradise Ranch looked as cool as he did in the photo shoot.

In my honest opinion though, their acting skill level shows through in this photo shoot. While Changmin has a similar expression in each photo, Lee Yeon Hee has more attitude. I like. She needs a better role.

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Paradise Ranch: First Impressions

Honestly, not much can be said about the beginning, except meh. Changmin is cute, but too cute to be a twenty-seven year old chaebol. He doesn’t have the look of absolute arrogance. He’s also not a natural actor. Lee Yeon Hee is probably the only interesting actress in this drama – she plays her role earnestly and it works for her character. Yoo Ha Na does not appear enough in episode one to make a good judgment on her character, although right now she seems too good-natured and oblivious to be someone to be hated. She barely even appears in episode 2.

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BoA on Paradise Ranch

No worries – she’s not cameoing in the drama and appearing in a completely tangential story line. She’s going to be participating in the OST for the drama, singing “My Only One.” This will be her first OST song after four years, and her first drama OST song. In the past, she only did songs for movie OSTs.

I’m curious to hear it, though I hope it doesn’t get overused to highlight every dramatic/emotional moment. That would just kill my love for her music.

source: soompi