News Bits: 6/17/10 Edition

Winter Sonata is returning to the stage. It will become a musical set to open in December. The show runs for only a short time, premiering from December 23-26 in Busan’s Citizen Hall, and then moving to Chungmu Art Hall for its run from February 9-March 6. The musical already played in Japan four years ago and was quite a success, but this seems to be the first time it’s showing in Korea. Ridiculous isn’t it? When a drama is so much more popular overseas that the original country ends up “importing” another country’s productions of their drama.

AND WHAT THE HELL SOUTH KOREA!? 4-1 loss to ARGENTINA!? *shakes head in misery*

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News Bits: 6/11/10 Edition

If you don’t love Park Shi Hoo now, you should after this:

As a thank you gift to the staff of Prosecutor Princess he treated them to a four-day, three-night vacation on Jeju Island. It was his way of sharing the love he had received from fans, and giving the hardworking staff some relaxation time. AHHH! Me want some of that love too!!!! (aaaaaand *fangirly kaedejun out*)

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News Bits: 6/8/10 Edition

Raina has been added to Orange Caramel! Theory is that all the newbies will be in this new trio, so it’s possible that Lizzy will be the third unveiled member.

UPDATE: Lizzy is confirmed!

On top of that, JYP is unleashing a new girl group (yes, because we need one every other day), called miss A. It is comprised of two Chinese members, Meng Jia and Wang Fei Fei, and a Korean girl Suzy Bae. Their first single is in Chinese, but the dance sequence has a definite Korean vibe to it. Actually – the whole MV does, but it’s still sung in Chinese. Check out the single “Love Again” after the jump.

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