News Bits: 8/4/10 Edition

Oh my God. This is so stupid but so funny. (And I’m putting it in this news bits section, so clearly I’m not helping in letting this ridiculousness spread.) Rain and Lee Jung Jin recently posed in a photo together standing as stiff as boards to prove that Rain is taller than Lee. Or, at least the same height (which looks to me as more of the case).

Lee: Haha. This is so funny. Look – another photographer who can’t get enough of our bromance. Smile!

Rain: I. Can’t. Must. Stand. Straighter. Just. One. More. Centimeter!

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News Bits: 8/3/10 Edition

Aww – isn’t this cute? Lee Seung Gi and Shin Min Ah appeared in variety show “Strong Heart” to help promote My Girlfriend is a Gumiho.

Aiii! I really can’t wait for this drama to air!

In other casting news though, producers are still looking for someone to replace Park Yong Ha in the drama Tian Mi Mi or Comrades, a Love Story. They are looking for someone who is a close colleague to Park as a way to pay some homage to him; they also believe that only a close colleague would be best suited for the role. That leaves Won Bin, So Ji Sub, and Ryu Si Won as top contenders. Though So Ji Sub is like a real brother no doubt, he’s already in Road No. 1 and I think one more drama would lead to overexposure in a bad way. (After all, Road No. 1 isn’t a ratings hit either.) I’d really like Won Bin to be cast, but they can always pull something like the movie “The Imaginarium of Dr. Parnassus,” where Johnny Depp, Jude Law, and Colin Farrell took over Heath Ledger’s role after Ledger’s premature death. Yoon Eun Hye is still signed on for the drama.

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Behind the Scenes of My Girlfriend is a Gumiho

I love how evil-yet-sweet Shin Min Ah looks.

The series is gearing up for a premiere on August 11 after Bad Guy. The drama released some behind the scenes images and official portraits of Lee Seung Gi. Lee’s character is apparently a rich grandson who is also spoiled and lazy, and just wants to be an action star. Shin Min Ah’s character looks like she’ll be setting him straight in his ways (whether it is by ‘threat of using force’ or by ‘firm persuasion’ is up to interpretation…). Hyo Min’s character is now made less of a “fairy girl who likes Lee” and more like a tomboy who is good friends with both Lee and Shin’s characters.

Wow – I’m truly excited for this series now!

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News Bits: 7/14/10 Edition

Hong Kong actor Eric Tsang (“Infernal Affairs,” “Kung Fu Dunk,” host of Super Trio Series) has been added to the multinational cast of Runaway. He will play General Wai, who is friends with Rain and Daniel Henney’s character. Tsang himself had expressed interest in the show, and since the drama is being filmed in numerous Asian cities, it only works out that while they make a stop in Hong Kong, they meet Tsang.

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News Bits: 7/7/10 Edition

Who loves Wu Zun? I do! So I want to watch the new drama he has with Rainie Yang (Sunshine Angel) even though I’ve become more annoyed by Rainie through the years.

They filmed a scene where he was subjugated to the powerful hits of Rainie Yang. By the way – she’s a strong, tiny girl. She slapped him five to six times, going at it completely for the sake of realism, and caused his face to swell up. She also hit his chest really hard, causing him to bruise. Wow – Wu Zun, Workout Extraordinaire, got bruised easily. His character must have either really annoyed her, or must have really done something bad to her. Or – it could be that Wu Zun made a lot of bloopers with his lines.

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Korea’s 20 Hottest Male Celebs

Yes – you are bound to find your favorite on this list. I was surprised CNN Asia did an article on this. The descriptions are what CNN wrote about them.

Without further ado…

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News Bits: 6/26/10 Edition

And, the South Korean Red Devils are no more… 😦 They lost to Uruguay 2-1 today during the Round of 16. Oh boy was the goal struck by Lee Chu Young something!

Anyways, another cast member has been added to My Girlfriend is a Gumiho – Hong Sisters’ alum Byun Hee Bong (God of Study, the sickly grandfather in My Girl) will star as Lee Seung Gi’s grandfather. I’m betting that he’s going to be the lovable, amusing grandfather who loves Shin Min Ah‘s gumiho, and will constantly slap his dorky grandson on the head. 😀

Lee Seung Gi also changed his twitter profile to In case you’re following.

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News Bits: 6/22/10 Edition

My Girlfriend is a Gumiho has released their first posters! They’ve already commenced their filming, and updates can be seen through Lee Seung Gi‘s Twitter account ( The account username belongs to Lee’s character in the drama. The posters are amazing. The first one shows them being quite slick – and I love the whole 1930s-feel to their costumes. But the second photo shows them in more of their every day interaction, and if Lee really snagged a girl who looked like Shin Min Ah, I’d be congratulating him too – even if she were a gumiho! 😀

Anyways – I’m super glad it’s Shin Min Ah – she’s so much more suited for the role.

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