News Bits: 2/28/11 Edition

It’s the end of February!

And great Scott! Chris Columbus (the director of Harry Potter and Home Alone, not the explorer) announced that he will bought the rights to Cha Tae Hyun’s comedy film “Hello Ghost.” The movie just came out last year, and now it’s going to be remade for American audiences. Great. Just great. Wow. I’m sooo frickin’ happy.

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News Bits: 12/16/10 Edition

It has been announced that DBSK will participate on the ATHENA OST. Interesting – I thought they broke up and had too many issues to get back together and make a song. It is said that the group will reunite in January, so I’m clearly wrong. Their song will be a fast, upbeat insert song, which I’m looking forward too since I think ATHENA has enough ballads. Like the latest one from Brown Eyed Soul – the MV for “Put It Back” is the video above.

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News Bits: 12/6/10 Edition

Rain’s already planning his next project after Runaway Plan B. (Not the military?) He will star in the film “Red Muffler” – which may change its name to “Living in the Sky” and costar with Shin Se Kyung. I think this may be the same movie announced before, but under a different title, but the plot is about a fighter pilot (Rain) who is involved in the bombing of Pyeongyang. I laugh grimly at the meta of all of this, especially with South Korea already beginning firing drills after the recent attack. Maybe this is Rain’s way of “fulfilling” his military duty too. Shin Se Kyung will star as a mechanic. (I don’t know why – but the first thing I thought of was Denise Richards playing a nuclear scientist in the James Bond movie “The World is Not Enough”. Not that Shin is a bad actress, but she is a pretty actress.)

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News Bits: 10/30/10 Edition

It’s nearly the end of October! I feel like just a few posts ago I was like, “It’s the start of October!” Weird…

Anyways – I think this news bits edition will focus on singers-turned-idol-actors. To start, Eric Mun of ShinHwa is now out of the army! He is one of the ones who entered late in age, since an accident in 2006 led him to enter the army in 2008. He will begin filming the new drama Poseidon. Say hi!

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News Bits: 10/4/10 Edition

Aww – Kim Ji Hoon has gone off to the military! After finishing his run on Joseon X Files he is now “disappearing” for two years. Rumors have it that he’s dating his Joseon co-star Im Jung Eun, and because of them he told her to visit him – but with friends.

But on the good news-side, Jang Dong Gun and Go So Young are finally parents to a healthy baby boy. No word on the name, but the boy is gonna be getting massive media attention I bet.

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News Bits: 9/23/10 Edition

Seo Shin Ae reminds me of the Korean version of Abigail Breslin – both are cute, and Seo doesn’t really take risky roles, but does act in roles that are more mature. Or maybe she’s trying to be like Moon Geun Young. Anyways, this gal is going to appear in a KBS drama special called Boy Meets Girl. She plays a 12 year old genius who gets into a specialized high school. All she knows is to study, but that changes when she meets a middle-aged man with no talents himself.

Look at how she used to be when she was younger – the girl is growing up gracefully! Don’t change Shin Ae!

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News Bits: 9/6/10 Edition

Oof – I take a weekend off to chillax and shop – which meant no reading of K-pop news – and so many things happen!!!!!!!!

Jung Il Woo held his birthday fan meeting over the weekend, and his surprise guests were Kim Bum and Lee Min Ho! The two of them are best friends with Jung, and Kim Bum even starred alongside Jung in Unstoppable High Kick. They celebrated Jung’s 23rd birthday with him and his fans, and Jung performed for his fans on the piano and also singing the song “Candy in My Ear” by Baek Ji Young.

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With cameo appearances from Park Shin Hye and UEE to start, and news that Jang Geun Suk‘s schedule is freeing up for a new drama, rumors are hitting full force that the entire A.N.Jell band will cameo in My Girlfriend is a Gumiho! I want to refrain from saying it’s confirmed (even though some news sources are reporting it as so) because they still have to work out the schedules of all the band members, plus the news is making me so happy and giddy with glee that I would be crushed if it ended up not going through. It would be the BEST THING EVAAAA if it could happen. 😀

If it just ends up being Park Shin Hye and Jang Geun Suk – that would be cool too – as long as the two of them are together as a coupling and Tae Kyung gets jealous when Lee Seung Gi is affectionate towards Park, or if Go Mi Nam is jealous that Lee Seung Gi is overly affectionate with Shin Min Ah – because then:

Mi Nam: Hyung-nim! Why aren’t you like that with me!?

Tae Kyung: What are you talking about? You should be grateful I let you be my number one fan before anyone else!

source: nate news, soompi

My Girlfriend is a Gumiho: Episodes 1-2 – First Impressions

This drama is AWESOME! It’s too cute, too fun, too hilarious for words. I really enjoy this drama, and it’s because the Hong Sisters have managed to make it really fun and entertaining. It’s not overbearing on the emotional dramatic beats, which is one of the things I like about the Hong Sisters.

And the acting! Lee Seung Gi and Shin Min Ah are such winners! I’m SO GLAD that they went with Shin for the role of Gu Mi Ho. I was happy when it was first confirmed, and I’m beyond ecstatic now. The Hong Sisters really have a way in making their female leads cute and fresh, without being too much of a cliche or pathetic. It’s happened in you’re Beautiful, My Girl, Delightful Girl Choon Hyang, and Hong Gil Dong (in the little that I’ve seen of the last one).

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