The Princess’ Man Press Conference

Romance Town is coming to an end, and so that means The Princess’ Man is coming to the small screen! It premieres next Wednesday, and so the cast dressed up in their good ol’ Joseon robes and held a press conference. All I could think about was how fine their clothes looked, how ridiculously luxurious they seemed, and how hot it must be to wear those layers.

Lee Min Woo – who also stars and shouldn’t be forgotten, even though in my eyes he’s easily eclipsed by Park Shi Hoo – admitted that he injured his knee while filming.The one beside him Hong Soo Hyun.

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News Bits: 5/27/11 Edition

Another suicide. Chae Dong Ha (from the group SG Wannabe) was found dead in his home after hanging himself.

Once again, depression has been cited as the cause, and the star was even taking prescription drugs to battle it. His body has already been taken to the hospital for his funeral. An autopsy will be performed to fully investigate how and why he passed away.

*sigh. I hate to sound cynical but it feels like, “Here we go again…” with all the deaths. Why oh why don’t these actors get help?! If Korea has this taboo-like attitude towards mental diseases, then it’s about time they change it. It’s about time some brave actor stands up and says “I have depression and I’m treating it.” That way there might be less suicides.

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