Will Kang Ji Hwan and Yoon Eun Hye Kiss?

Stills have been released of Kang Ji Hwan and Yoon Eun Hye sitting pretty under some cherry blossoms. And Kang leans in for a kiss…

Do you think he will? I highly doubt it. 1) He’s supposed to hate her for being a liar and getting him into this mess. 2) He’s a cold chaebol so of course he knows how to play with girls’ feelings. 3) He’s teasing her about skinship. 4) If they were going to kiss, they would have done so already. City Hunter already did.

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News Bits: 4/7/11 Edition

Jang Nara is quite shy about wearing a miniskirt – then again, she’s supposed to be a 30+ year old dressing like a 20-something. I find it adorable – although if my mother were dressing like that, I would wince and disown all relation with her.

Costar Daniel Choi was also in a bit of a scuffle with Jang’s blind date – as seen in the photos below. Call it a travesty or whatever, but with Choi’s hairstyle, I keep thinking I’m looking at Jung Gyu Woon, even though I’m clearly wrong. Sigh* – maybe it’s just my brain wishing I were looking at Jung…

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News Bits: 3/21/11 Edition

HA! The news of Jung Woo Sung and Lee Ji Ah becoming an official couple tickles my funny bone. Not like you could have denied otherwise with such incriminating photos from Paris. But it also cracks me up because I read those comments from people on dramabeans saying that at least Jung got one good thing out of Athena!

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News Bits: 2/17/11 Edition

Ahhhh! Too many dramas to catch up on!! And with Queen of Reversals on DramaFever, I really shouldn’t have an excuse to put it off any longer!! I cannot promise I will do any more recaps, but I promise a review. Honestly, the things that happen piss me off SO MUCH. It’s not bad writing (quite the contrary) or the bad acting (again, quite the contrary). It’s just, it’s so maddening but good and makes me feel too exhausted to do a rewatch so I can recap it.

Thank God for the long weekend.  And I sure as hell love my “dark horse” drama. On to the news bits!

Kim Sun Ah and Kim Joo Hyuk will star in the upcoming film “Fighting Spirit” (working title). She will play the wife of a pitcher named Yoon Doo Hoon, and supports her husband and two children. The film will start production in February and premiere next year.

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Secret Garden-Boys Over Flowers Mash-Up


Secret Garden is ending this weekend. boohoo!!!! But the fans are diehard and still going strong. It’s gotten enough frenzy that a certain blogger made a parody video called “Secret Over Flowers” cutting together clips of Joo Won and Jun Pyo’s scenes to make it seem like they’re interacting and competing over who’s better than who.

To summarize, it’s basically a man-up-manship where the two of them compare their wealth. Jun Pyo tries to steal Ra Im for himself, causing Joo Won to get really pissed off. They continue to antagonize each other and Joo Won threatens to call his lawyer. They both get the treatment of disgust when the stuntmen realize that Jun Pyo can’t eat pork skin either, and then Joo Won has a drunken night ending up in Jun Pyo’s bed. Looks like a male romance is blooming!

source: soompi

News Bits: 12/13/10 Edition

Ahh – a break from all the recapping!

Update on Harvest Villa – I progressed three episodes and am now on episode 10! Yay! I like it more and more, especially because of the humor, the confusion, the faux-dramatic music, and the mystery. I like the mystery in Harvest Villa infinitely more than I did in Joseon X Files, mainly because in Joseon X Files, the mysteries were mostly one-episode cases, and though they did have an overarching connection, it was very different than the way Harvest Villa has its mini mysteries among each character and the overarching connection about the gold. I like digging deep underneath the layers as I get to know the characters in a series, rather than just in one episode.

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News Bits: 11/8/10 Edition

Aww – Kim Bum and Hwang Jung Eum (of Woman Who Still Wants to Marry and High Kick Through the Roof respectively) have a new CF together promoting a buffet-like restaurant called D’Maris. (I would like to see a restaurant in the States make a commercial like this. And I don’t mean your Burger King/McDonalds/Wendy’s type of thing.) This particular CF shows off Hwang’s singing and dancing, and ends with Kim Bum and Hwang doing a couple heart. Hence the “aww…”

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News Bits: 9/15/10 Edition

Kim Ah Joong (Accidental Couple, “200 Pounds Beauty”) will star opposite Park Shin Yang in the medical drama Heaven. She will play the clumsy Go Da Kyung, a newbie who conducts autopsies. So she’s a bumbling cop/doctor? Meant to be adorable, and also probably going to win the heart of the cold-hearted Park.

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News Bits: 9/13/10 Edition

Aw man. Nothing against the girl, but Moon Geun Young has been cast opposite of Jang Geun Suk in the upcoming drama Mary Stayed Out All Night. She will play the girl caught in the middle between Jang’s musician character and a chaebol. I had heard rumors that she would be cast, but I was seriously hoping she wouldn’t be the one. Not that I was hoping for Park Shin Hye, but I hadn’t expected Moon.

Then again, it might be a good thing that she’s the “unexpected” pick (for me) because this is her opportunity to show her range. She’s mostly done melodramas for Korean dramas, so this is time for her to exercise whatever rom-com chops she’s got.

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