News Bits: 11/19/2015 Edition


I’m all out of sorts schedule wise, so I’m sorry for being a little late with this! Without further ado… Goodbye Siwon and Changmin! You’re off to the army after your stints in drama-land (She Was Pretty and The Scholar Who Walks at Night), and we’ll see you in a year! (Okay, more than a year, but we’ll be okay!) [link]

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News Bits: 5/25/11 Edition

City Hunter is premiering today!! Are you tuning in? I’m not. HAHA. Well – after the salacious-standard-shower-scene (ooh! alliteration!), we shall see.

The photos even show off the wounds Lee Min Ho supposedly sustained during his training. I don’t think they’re real, although if they are, I’m impressed. It shows dedication, and a complete disregard of having the “perfect body” as an actor. I like my actors flawed in some way – makes them more human, yunno? But then again – movie make-up is a standard, and in Korea it’s probably easy to get plastic surgery fix up those scars…

I’m also sure that these photos were released to help amp up interest in the drama. It’s going to be battling a lot of other heavy hittersBest Love, which will most likely shoot up to #1 in ratings with the exit of 49 Days, and Romance Town, which has single digit ratings but has generated a lot of interest thanks to Sung Yuri‘s acting. So the question is, who do people want to see more? Sung Yuri, or Park Min Young? For me, it’s Sung Yuri. Not only am I already invested in the drama, but because I don’t like Park Min Young too much. She’s OK (from Sungkyunkwan Scandal), so I’m kind of “meh” towards her. As for Sung Yuri, I had not seen her in a drama before, so for me she’s like “fresh blood” to my eyes. I’m more willing to give her a chance.

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News Bits: 9/8/10 Edition

Lee Yoo Ri (Loving You, Daring Women) just got married! She married a missionary studying theology two days ago in a small wedding that included a few celebrities: Lee Soon Jae, Kim Soo Mi, and Hong Soo Young. She met her husband two years ago at a Bible study group. She held a small press conference before her wedding – perhaps to give the press the pics they want without having them inside her wedding. Doesn’t she look like a princess?

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Runaway Press Conference in Macau

The cast of Runaway had a small press conference in Macau, and here are some pictures from the event. They’ve already shot in Japan and China, and the next stop is Philippines.

I am so not loving Lee Na Young‘s dress. With her pale face and the glaring lights from the photographers, mixed with her high-neck dark lace dress, she looks so Gothic that it’s not very flattering on her.

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News Bits: 8/4/10 Edition

Oh my God. This is so stupid but so funny. (And I’m putting it in this news bits section, so clearly I’m not helping in letting this ridiculousness spread.) Rain and Lee Jung Jin recently posed in a photo together standing as stiff as boards to prove that Rain is taller than Lee. Or, at least the same height (which looks to me as more of the case).

Lee: Haha. This is so funny. Look – another photographer who can’t get enough of our bromance. Smile!

Rain: I. Can’t. Must. Stand. Straighter. Just. One. More. Centimeter!

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