News Bits: 4/19/10 Edition

‘Eyo! ‘Eh-‘eh-‘eyo!

I’m feeling a little scatterbrained today because it’s near the end of the year, and yet I’ve been in Senioritis mode since… oh let’s face it, since You’re Beautiful came out.

Back to the news!

S.H.E. are heading out to do their own thing this year. At a press conference, Selina revealed that she is going to host a television program; Hebe will be releasing her solo album; and Ella will be preparing to make her film debut. Though they’re all doing their own thing, they haven’t given any inclination that they’re going to split up. Their “group duties” are sort of accomplished already since they’ve released their 10th album S.H.ERO on March 26th. Ah well, best of luck to them!
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News Bits: 3/31/10 Edition

We are quickly arriving the end of March!!!

With that, it means there is one full month (April) before the start of the Shanghai Expo 2010. (I SO want to go – if I only had the money…) There are nearly 200 countries participating in this expo event, and with that, South Korea is sending its very own Lee Jun Ki as an ambassador to the expo. Lee enjoys big popularity in China, so it is only fitting that he be sent to drive the tourists and locals craaaaaazy! 🙂

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News Bits: 3/15/10 Edition

Kim Tae Hee and Lee Jun Ki have chosen their new project. Both fresh off from their respective dramas, they have both signed on to a film called “Grand Prix” which is supposed to be a follow up to the film “Lump Sugar” starring Lim Soo Jung. Both of them will star as jockey (which I’m kind of like, “EHHHHH” about)

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News Bits: 3/12/10 Edition

The thriller Mother is making its U.S. debut in theaters this weekend. It stars Won Bin as a mentally disturbed son, and Kim Hye Ja as the mother who will do anything to protect her. It will open in 15 cities total, including New York, Los Angeles, Dallas, and Berkeley. (It’s only showing in two theaters in New York – IFC Center on Sixth Avenue and Lincoln Center Plaza – totally gonna go watch this!! If the weather lets up…)

Lee Jun Ki – fresh off from the drama Hero – which I haven’t seen but Andromytta is doing a great job recapping it on dramabeans (read it here) – is returning to small screens in a historical drama tentatively called Faith. He will play a student of Eastern medicine who becomes famous in the Koryo period. The drama will be directed by Kim Jong Hak, whose credentials include Taewangsasingi and Sandglass. (Is it me or are there plenty of historical dramas/general dramas about medicine right now? We have Jejoongwon, and… ok, maybe it is my imagination..?)

Daesung of Big Bang states in an interview that he wishes he were more like T.O.P. He reveals that Big Bang is like a family, and he admires T.O.P. for his ability to say no. According to the story, T.O.P. even once said he was leaving the group – but they found him passed out in a sunbae’s room, and so he didn’t really leave the group. To read the translation of the article, click here. (It’s really funny – I never realized T.O.P.’s character was so amusing – it’s like he has narcolepsy, but I’m sure that their grueling schedules don’t help).

And Dramabeans came out with part 2 of Personal Taste: The Novel! (Go read, go read!!)

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