News Bits: 11/12/2015 Edition


Yesterday was 11/11 – Pepero Day! Also known as Happy Singles’ Day and lots of sales were happening. Also known as Veteran’s Day, and also Happy Diwali. Lots of things yesterday – but most importantly I hope everyone had some Pepero! And now on to the news…

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News Bits: 8/30/11 Edition

Yoon Kye Sang is all “High Kick-ed” out! The photo revealed a goofy look to the Greatest Love actor as he poses in that iconic weird angle (from the top down) to create a large head-small body effect.

While I’m not really excited about the cast, I am eager to see what Lee Soon Jae will play (if he’s in the drama – I don’t see him in the article’s cast lineup). He’s previously played a grumpy grandpa and a farting patriarch.

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News Bits: 8/10/11 Edition

Kim Hyung Min! The wonderful hottie Duk Soo in I Need Romance is TAKEN! HE’S OFF THE MARKET!

And sadly, not because of me. *cries*

Kim Hyung Min is actually in a relationship with his Mom is Pretty Too costar Kim Bin Woo. Kim Bin Woo is actually a year older than him, being 29 (or 30 in Korean years) and Kim Hyung Min is 28 (or 29 in Korean years). Goddammit. They’ve been dating for about 6 months now.

Duk Soo-ssi! You are totally breaking Hyun Joo’s heart right now! How dare you!?

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News Bits: 2/14/11 Edition

It’s Valentine’s Day. Boo. And don’t say I’m being a bitter single – I’m pretty sure I’ll roll my eyes and squirm just as uncomfortably if I weren’t single.

Just like how I would squirm at the prospect of IRIS 2. Jung Tae Won from Taewon Entertainment announced that the drama will air in the winter of 2011, but before that they’re going to do a Korean version of ‘Troy’.

Jung: We have another project planned before the broadcast of ‘Iris 2′, which a lot of people have been showing interest in. I want to try a new blockbuster style that hasn’t been done up until now.

Kaedejun the Reporter: Really?! Will you be paying the medical fees of all the girls who get a heart attack or faint from the shock of hot Korean men dressed up in togas and minimal gladiator armor?

Jung: Viewers can consider it the Korean version of ‘Troy,’ as the drama is centered around maritime warfare.

Kaedejun the Reporter: Boooooooo. Are you trying to be Poseidon? *dumps microphone and stomps away from interview*

Anyways – getting back on track, the script for the Korean ‘Troy’ isn’t done yet and so it hasn’t even been casted yet. But of course I’m sure we’ll see four Hallyu stars, at least one idol star, at least two relative unknowns but you’ve seen in every drama as a supporting role, and at least Kim Gab Soo. Maybe.

Jung also did not confirm whether the cast of IRIS will return, since it depends on the script, but he is planning to do a sequel for Athena. Expect our questions to not be answered. (More details here.)

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News Bits: 10/30/10 Edition

It’s nearly the end of October! I feel like just a few posts ago I was like, “It’s the start of October!” Weird…

Anyways – I think this news bits edition will focus on singers-turned-idol-actors. To start, Eric Mun of ShinHwa is now out of the army! He is one of the ones who entered late in age, since an accident in 2006 led him to enter the army in 2008. He will begin filming the new drama Poseidon. Say hi!

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Lee Hong Ki Sings in Mandarin

Lee Hong Ki is multi-talented. He can act, he can sing, and he has a knack for languages.

He recorded a Mandarin version of the song “Still” from the You’re Beautiful OST that goes in conjunction with the Taiwanese broadcast of the drama. Taiwanese singer Amber Kuo wrote up the Mandarin lyrics to the song after she had watched the drama. Lee recorded the song in 30 minutes, despite it being the first time for him to sing in Mandarin.

F.T. Island – you’re next Asian country to hit is China/Taiwan. After you’re done conquering Japan.

source: allkpop

A.N.Jells Have Their Own Website!

Ye-hay!!! That is one more step into becoming a “real” band and keeping the fire alive!

Apparently the site was crashed even before it was officially opened (which is going to be April 12) thanks to the help of thousands of international fans. I visited the site and it looks to be up and running. It looks like they’re going to have more language options, since there are flags for other countries above the text, but it hasn’t been done yet. Then again – they’ve got until the 12th to do it.

It looks all so PRETTY!! I’ve already signed up – even though it was in Korean. (DUHHH – I’m not going to let this one get away from me!!! :D)

Check out Park Shin Hye and Jang Geun Suk‘s video promoting the site:

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News Bits: 4/8/10 Edition

A new ATHENA casting news has been made and confirmed:

Instead of Ha Ji Won, Su Ae will be joining the cast as a profiler in the National Anti-Terror Service. She’s sort of in Kim Tae Hee‘s role (even sometimes reminds me of her in the looks department), except she’s also a double agent. (OOOOO – twist!) Also, the two female leads will be on the same side this time (but the second female lead will most likely be a through and through good agent). So… is she a double agent working for Cha Seung Won!? HMMMM….

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