Goblin: Episodes 3-4 Thoughts


Episode 3 clocks in at 88 minutes while episode 4 clocks in at a more normal 60 minutes. I’m not sure whether this show is going to continually make longer episodes, but it’s fine with me considering that the pacing of the episodes is just right enough that you don’t realize time has passed. In episode 3, I really appreciated the music direction (loved it even) and also love the relationship being established between Kim Shin and everyone else. However, there were definitely some gaps that were thankfully cleared up by episode 4. And I felt that if I didn’t write these two episodes together I’d be more frustrated than usual.

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Goblin: Episode 2 Thoughts


This episode elicited a lot of laughs and giggles from me, which is great. Rarely do I get to enjoy a drama that makes me laugh out loud, rather than just in my head. This episode was about 77 minutes long, just shy of 80 and definitely not 90, but I could almost live with the longer episodes for the rest of the series. The time goes by quickly, and I think it helps that Gong Yoo has chemistry with everyone.

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Goblin: Episode 1 Thoughts


OOOOOOOOOH this show seems like it’ll be fun! With such a dramatic (but beautiful) beginning, we ended the 90-minute (!!) premiere with a more lighthearted tone that I was really hoping for. After all, how can you not have comedy when you have the “Protector of Souls” rooming with the “God of Death”? Hijinks are bound to ensue.

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Sunday Roundup: Bubblegum and more – 11/01/2015


More ramblings from this week’s episodes! Again, I really don’t intend to do a lot of recapping; these are more like reactionary posts about the episodes that I watched in the past week.

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News Bits: 7/24/11 Edition

Guess who’s back on set!?

Park Shin Hye was recently given the OK from doctors to return to set after being in a car accident and requiring re-hospitalization on Wednesday. She is expected to be on set during the weekend, and filming can resume. The eighth episode will air this coming Wednesday.


Also, if you want to leave a comment or send your well wishes to Park Shin Hye, DramaFever is collecting them through this post, and will be sending it to her!

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Scent of a Woman Reveals Trailer

Ooooh. Well first off, the trailer reminds me terribly of Last Holiday, where because of a terminal illness (diagnosed by the straight-faced Uhm Ki Joon), Kim Sun Ah takes control of her hapless, humdrum life, and gives herself a well-deserved makeover. She is a lowly employee who’s in love with Lee Dong Wook, her big boss, but he doesn’t even know she exists. Of course, when he encounters the beautiful, made-over her, he spends a day with her and (presumably) falls for her. OK in Last Holiday Queen Latifah didn’t exactly get together with Timothy Hutton, but he was her boss, and he didn’t recognize her either.

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Lee Dong Wook and Kim Sun Ah Party on the Beach

I didn’t expect Lee Dong Wook and Kim Sun Ah, the stars of the upcoming drama Scent of a Woman, to get together so fast.

Kim plays a woman who learns that she has a terminal illness and not much longer to live. Voila – she makes a change to her life and attracts the attention of chaebol Lee. I’m surprised he’s taken to her so quickly, and wonder if he knows who she is. He – or his family rather – owns a travel company; she works at a travel company. Who wants to bet they work at the same company?!

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News Bits: 6/21/11 Edition

I can always trust After School to give me that next song that I’ll get addicted to for a while. They did it with “Shampoo” and now UEE has released her solo track “쏙쏙쏙 (Sok Sok Sok).” It’s perfect for summer – light and airy, melodic beats, and the lyrics are about a girl who wishes to confess to a boy. I’ll put aside my cynical mature side for a moment to sigh and wish I could do that too like a dreamy, bright-eyed teenager! (‘Cause honestly, I’d never do that now – but as a teen? I probably would have.)

The song also features a rap by After School Boys’ member Jonghyun. It will be used in advertisements for the golf brand that UEE is a model for.

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News Bits: 6/10/11 Edition

Seo Hyo Rim (who was last seen in Sungkyunkwan Scandal as Jun Tae Soo‘s silly younger sister who was in love with Micky Yoochun) will take a dramatic turn as she joins the cast of Scent of a Woman. The drama, which also stars Kim Sun Ah, Lee Dong Wook, and Uhm Ki Joon, will air on July 16. Seo’s character is a cold-hearted chaebol heiress (OOH – hey! It’s not a cold-hearted chaebol MAN, but a WOMAN!) who has had her heart broken after willing to give up her entire wealth to be with this man.


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