HeartandSeoul – Minimalist designs for your everyday K-drama addict



I am breaking my mini sabbatical of not writing to post about heartandseoul – a shop that’s minimalist in design for everyday Korean drama fans. At this Etsy-like store for independent artists, Elisabeth Baum has created several designs with the most common Korean phrases you’d hear in a K-drama. She then adds her quirky designs to everyday objects – from mugs to pillow cases, clocks to even clothing! Take a look at some of her stuff!

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Wanted: Series Review


This series started out so strong. I feel that the drama was afflicted by some production and scheduling troubles (delaying the last two episodes for Olympics did not help its momentum probably), but more so by the revelation of the “big bad.” I dragged my heels in watching the following episodes after I saw episode 12, so now that I’m super behind I’m going to just talk about the series overall and what I thought of the last few episodes. (Yes, there are spoilers.)

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Wanted: Episode 11 Recap


Whoa this is a crazy episode. Not only does it confirm my suspicions on who’s the mastermind of this whole thing, but things are starting to amp up between the kidnappers’ plans and the race to finish the show. Interestingly enough, this episode really doesn’t dwell very much with the Wanted broadcasting team, as we need to build up a greater foundation on who exactly we’re dealing with here.

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Wanted: Episodes 9-10 Recap


When I said I wanted the stakes raised, I didn’t expect it to include a whole new element and twist to the show. We are no closer to finding out who the real kidnapper is, and now the show is giving us a new element to play with: the kidnapper’s very own “Wanted” fan club. I’m doing a double header today because I couldn’t sit down and write a recap for each episode. I needed to know what happened first. (So, also sorry for the lateness on this!)

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Wanted: Episode 8 Recap


This episode was a doozy. It’s really amping up plot wise, but somehow the directing and editing is all over the place. I think the writer knows what he wants, but isn’t very good at communicating how it needs to be executed. And then the director and the editor are not very good in making a seamless episode that isn’t confusing timeline wise. A simple fade in and fade out would go a long way…

Complaints on the editing aside, this episode was a lot more exciting than I thought it’d be. Regardless of the show’s cancellation, the kidnapper’s still sending missions.

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Wanted: Episode 7 Recap


The plot thickens… At first it really seemed like the mastermind behind the kidnapping wanted to expose normal people’s wrongdoings. But now, things have intensified to the point where the mastermind has a bigger goal, and a real grudge against Hye In and her former husband.

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Wanted: Episode 4 Recap


A few of my suspicions have been determined. This episode fuddles up the timeline a bit but I think it’s because the writer was trying to keep as many twists secret as long as possible, and it pays off a bit. The best part is the integration of Mi Ok into the team. I think she and Woo Shin could get along.

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Wanted: Episode 3 Recap


Finally we learn who is inside the trunk! But what’s more interesting is we get some insight into the kidnapper we’re facing here. Just who is Hyun Woo’s kidnapper? And I don’t just mean the identity. I also mean his self, his purpose in life, his morals.

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