Producer: A Review


I’m going to admit that it is taking me some time to wrap my thoughts around this series. Though it was only six weeks, it definitely felt like the longest six weeks in my life. Overall, I mildly enjoyed the show and viewed it a bit more favorably in the end than I did in the beginning. It had its funny moments, surrounded by plenty of filler moments. I did not enjoy the fact that Producers was over an hour long for each episode just because it wanted to mimic a variety show format though!

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Producers: Mixed Feelings for First Impressions


It’s really hard for me to make a judgment on Producers. I have a lot of mixed feelings about the first two episodes of the show, though it could sail a little smoother as I’ve heard of the PD-change on this show. Kind of sad to see the issues in the show be reflected in real life, but at the same time it’s a really challenging type of show to tackle.

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‘Producers’ Casts Cha Tae Hyun, Gong Hyo Jin Maybe


Casting rumors are just flying about! While we have Kim Soo Hyun in one corner debating on whether to take the lead role or not for Producers, we also have IU being thrown around as his female lead, Cha Tae Hyun confirmed to star, and Gong Hyo Jin perhaps to join the cast as well. This is really shaping up into a very interesting, solid cast.

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Casting Rumor: Kim Soo Hyun for ‘Producers’?


The elusive Kim Soo Hyun can’t seem to pick a project yet after his winning turn in My Love From Another Star. He’s yet again “looking favorably” at a role, this time in the drama Producers (프로듀사). The clinching factor is that Producers will be written by My Love screenwriter Park Ji Eun. So is a reunion of sorts in the making?!

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News Bits: 8/13/11 Edition

Well if we can’t get them in a drama together, a photo shoot works too! Jang Geun Suk and Park Shin Hye pose pretty for Codes Combine’s Haiker 2011 Fall-Winter Line. Jang has been modeling for them since last year, but Park has recently teamed up with him.

OK – I need photos of them together stat!

47th Baeksang Awards

Photos! Winners! Whee!

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News Bits: 1/22/11 Edition

Kim So Yeon was awarded the “Special Prize of Asia” at the Asia Model Awards (today, or yesterday in Korea time). She received it for her work in IRIS, Prosecutor Princess, and Dr. Champ – and because she worked so hard almost consecutively, she was able to increase her popularity and become part of Hallyu. SHINee was also present, and they won the “BBF Popular Singer Award.” The event is mainly a place where models from Korea, China, Japan, Indonesia, Mongolia, and Philippines could gather together and represent their respective countries.

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News Bits: 11/8/10 Edition

Aww – Kim Bum and Hwang Jung Eum (of Woman Who Still Wants to Marry and High Kick Through the Roof respectively) have a new CF together promoting a buffet-like restaurant called D’Maris. (I would like to see a restaurant in the States make a commercial like this. And I don’t mean your Burger King/McDonalds/Wendy’s type of thing.) This particular CF shows off Hwang’s singing and dancing, and ends with Kim Bum and Hwang doing a couple heart. Hence the “aww…”

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News Bits: 10/26/10 Edition

Another Korean artist suicide.

Yu Ju (real name Lee Hye Rin) was a singer and a former racing model. She committed suicide a few days ago due to depression at the age of 25. She was once part of the girl group SSEN back in 2008 but after one album, they never got any further. Kind of a shame really – I wonder if these celebs know that they become more famous after their death than before. I have never heard of her until today. This is a horrible trend…

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