News Bits: 11/17/10 Edition

It has been a FULL WEEK since I last did one of these. Dang…

Do I have an excuse? No. 😀

My recap is going to go up later this week, but I just want to say that I finally finished Dr. Champ! And I think it is safe to say that while I didn’t love it, I liked it. Very much. If I proclaimed my love for it now, I know it is purely because I am riding on a high right now, since I just finished it. I’m not going to give my review of it here, lest it be a double post of sorts, but here’s a review of the final episode. WARNING: read it ONLY if you watched it already OR want to know what happened at the end.

Kim So Yeon – you make me proud, as always. (I’m allowed to claim a “girl” and have my girl crush right? Because while Park Shi Hoo and Uhm Tae Woong are mine, I am staking a claim on Kim So Yeon. She is awesome to the nth degree.)

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Kim So Yeon Cameos in ATHENA

Ah! Ahhhh! AHHHHH!

ATHENA cameos x (Kim So Yeon + Kim Seung Woo) = AWESOMENESS!!!!

She will join the cast for the New Zealand shoot, which will be right after the Hawaii one that features Hollywood screenwriter Douglas Day Stewart as the head of ATHENA organization. She will factor in on a plot twist and will look very different from how she did in IRIS. Well duh – she grew out her hair for one.

If I ever get to recap this drama, I will be a certified Kim So Yeon-addict.

And I’m still waitin’ on that Queen of Reversals cameo!

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News Bits: 9/27/10 Edition

Haha – I have not been updating as of late… been really busy.

One thing that caught my eye over the weekend was the possibility of Gu Hye Sun and Wu Zun starring in a Taiwanese drama together – a remake of the Japanese drama Absolute Boyfriend. The drama is about a woman who gets the perfect robot boyfriend and they fall in love when the robot boyfriend develops real emotions. Honestly – how does this gal get to work with every hot male star!?!?!?! Anyways – I don’t know if this drama will happen or is feasible – and I wonder if Gu will be dubbed, or if she can really speak Mandarin fluently.

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Park Shi Hoo and Kim So Yeon – the DVD Interviews

I did not get a Prosecutor Princess Director’s Cut DVD. 😦

But! Thanks to sweet ccandrea at soompi, who posted up Chinese translations of interviews with Park Shi Hoo and Kim So Yeon, we all get a chance to see what they said!

The following is just a summary of the entire interview, as I am too embarrassed to put up my translation. But if you want to read the entire interview in Chinese, click here, and if you want to read the full translated transcript (albeit with flaws), click here.

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Kim So Yeon in Dr. Champ Outfit

Dr. Champ will be taking over I Am Legend once it is done, so it’s no surprise they’re starting to film or do some pre-production stuff.

With that in mind – tada! a new still from the set! I’m hoping more of these pop up – but until then, I must satisfy myself with seeing Kim So Yeon looking all pro as a doctor.

Edit: More pictures below!

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News Bits: 8/11/10 Edition

Bad Guy just ended, and judging from the recap, it ended badly. I laugh. I can only laugh.

On to other things though, Baker King Kim Tak Goo isn’t getting the extension that it considered on getting. The producers decided to pass on the offer and keep the series at 30 episodes. Apparently the drama was supposedly set for 50 episodes, but they shortened it to 30m and that’s why the drama is so fast paced and concise (which is a good thing). The two young stars, Yoon Si Yoon and Lee Young Ah, showed off some of their baking skills – as in, their real baking skills – and it goes to show that the people who actually make the food on that show are mighty (faceless) talents. (By the way, Lee Young Ah is holding up a cake with her name written on it with cream.)

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News Bits: 7/31/10 Edition

It’s the end of July!

Prosecutor Princess also released it’s Director’s Cut DVD! It’s a pretty package with plenty of goodies (all thanks to fervent fans who insisted on getting a few more hours with their precious Kim So Yeon and Park Shi Hoo). I didn’t get one, as I had blown all my money on a You’re Beautiful DVD set, but boy am I jealous… I would love some more Park Shi Hoo. The extras include behind the scenes, NG’s, cast and crew interviews, and other stuff – but it’s not subtitled. Only the drama is subtitled. (Time to brush up your Korean!) Unlike You’re Beautiful, it seems that you can still order this special edition DVD (whereas the former had to be ordered by a certain time period).

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