Why I Like ATHENA More Than IRIS…

So far.

I definitely do enjoy Athena better than Iris, but I am starting to understand the appeal of Iris. I think it helps that as I’m watching Athena, my mom is watching Iris, and therefore I’m kinda reliving the series through her.

But I still stand by my original dislike opinion for the predecessor (save for Kim! So! Yeon!). My thoughts on Athena might change within the last five episodes or so, and those last five episodes may make me start hating on it or absolutely loving it.

Until then, the opinions I form are based on the 15 episodes of Athena that I have seen so far. That also means, spoilers are bound to pop up.

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Photos of Kim So Yeon’s Athena Cameo


Anyways – you can just read this non-spoilery tidbit if that suits you just fine – Kim So Yeon will appear in episode 17 of ATHENA, which for me means one thing:


Ya’ll know that I’m one-half of the duo called “Kim So Yeon Recappers” so I mean, the cameo appearances was bound to happen – and it couldn’t come any sooner! Heck, I just realized I’m recapping/summarizing Queen of Reversals, where Ma Hye Ri made a script cameo. So as we all know, her character Sun Hwa has started a completely new life in New Zealand, and there were mentions of the country in at least three episodes preceding it. She reunites/joins forces with Kim Ki Soo (Kim Min Jong) to protect her family.

I am telling you – you do NOT want to read on unless you want to be spoiled – I spare no visuals.

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News Bits: 1/22/11 Edition

Kim So Yeon was awarded the “Special Prize of Asia” at the Asia Model Awards (today, or yesterday in Korea time). She received it for her work in IRIS, Prosecutor Princess, and Dr. Champ – and because she worked so hard almost consecutively, she was able to increase her popularity and become part of Hallyu. SHINee was also present, and they won the “BBF Popular Singer Award.” The event is mainly a place where models from Korea, China, Japan, Indonesia, Mongolia, and Philippines could gather together and represent their respective countries.

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The Short Hair Phenomenon

I don’t know if you’ve noticed or not (although I’m not sure how you can’t notice,) but there’s been a crazy short hair phenomenon that I’m not sure is the trend for 2011 dramas or what.

The whole Short Hair Wave is not new – celebs have all been turning to short hair for that new “fresh” look because it’s the easiest way to have a makeover without plastic surgery. Har har. But lately, I’ve noticed that a lot of Korean actresses have been sporting short hair for their roles. It’s not new, but it’s more apparent now that a lot of those pixie-haired actresses are in back-to-back dramas.

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News Bits: 1/12/11 Edition

EDIT: LOL – I put up 1/12/10 as the date, but that would make this post a year late! Hehe.

Hyun Bin is crazy – in a good way. He signed up for the Marine Corps to fulfill his military duty. For him to volunteer for the Marine Corps is apparently a big deal because most actors just serve in the army. To be in the Marine Corps means that he’s going in hard core. It’s so crazy it’s admirable (I mean, would you volunteer for a harder experience when you don’t have to?) Before he leaves – which could be as early as March if he passed his interview – he will release two films. One is “Late Autumn”, which he starred alongside Tang Wei and it took place in Seattle, and the other is “Love Me, Love Me Not” with Im Soo Jung.

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News Bits: 12/13/10 Edition

Ahh – a break from all the recapping!

Update on Harvest Villa – I progressed three episodes and am now on episode 10! Yay! I like it more and more, especially because of the humor, the confusion, the faux-dramatic music, and the mystery. I like the mystery in Harvest Villa infinitely more than I did in Joseon X Files, mainly because in Joseon X Files, the mysteries were mostly one-episode cases, and though they did have an overarching connection, it was very different than the way Harvest Villa has its mini mysteries among each character and the overarching connection about the gold. I like digging deep underneath the layers as I get to know the characters in a series, rather than just in one episode.

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