Falling in Love with Soon Jung: A Review


Kim So Yeon, I hope you can do more comedies and modern melodramas like this and I Need Romance 3Jung Kyung Ho, it’s a joy to see you in such a hilarious role.

This drama was a bit of a fun ride, but not the same kind of fun as Fool’s Love. While there were some heartwarming parts, gut-busting scenes, and crazy melodramatic sequences, Falling in Love with Soon Jung wasn’t a particularly good drama, but it sure as heck was kind of fun to watch. I think if I recapped it, it would be less enjoyable because I would have to think about and reason why things happened the way they did. Watching it in a more passive manner already revealed a lot of plot holes, so it was easier to ignore and enjoy than if I had to analyze it.

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Falling in Love with Soon Jung: First Impressions


How could I not watch my girl Kim So Yeon in Falling in Love with Soon Jung? And coupled with Jung Kyung Ho they make a very interesting pair. I enjoyed this drama, but not enough to be exuberant about it just yet. It’s a very complicated set-up to begin with, and it makes the drama more of a melodrama than a romantic comedy I hoped it would be. Nevertheless, I’m curious to see what comes of it.

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News Bits: 6/29/11 Edition

Kim So Yeon doesn’t look too happy to be surprised when she’s eating her lunch. She’s a spy yunno, so she can kick your ass. Anyways – the above photo comes from the set of her new film “Coffee,” where she plays a barista during 19th century Korea. In the photo below, Joo Jin Mo shows off his sleekness as the Russian spy attempting to murder the king.

Freaky. I can’t wait for this movie to come out!

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News Bits: 6/23/11 Edition

What in the what?!

When did this happen!? Jung Gyu Woon posted up a photo on Twitter of him with Kim So Yeon, saying “Feeling refreshed with So Yeon-noona!” Based on their clothing it looks like the photo came from when they were shooting the ALL FOR YOU CF together (video below). I don’t think anyone in their right mind is wearing such heavy clothing in the summer.

UNLESS – they could have another photo shoot or CF in the works? If anyone knows where this photo might be from, let me know!

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News Bits: 5/15/11 Edition

Oh wow – I have seriously not done this for a while. And by “a while” I mean 5 days. That’s a long time…

Denali1975 beat me to it, but yes – I’m recapping Romance Town! And I have to say – can Wednesday come any sooner?! I’m so excited to be recapping this – I’m glad I listened to all of you. 😀

Let us all spazz over Jung Gyu Woon together, yeah?!

But on to the news…

Above is the official poster for Ripley, featuring Lee Da Hae, Micky Yoochun, Kim Seung Woo, and Kang Hye Jung. Sick, no? But I think it’s quite interesting and definitely shows off the darker tone this drama will take. If only everyone else would stop smiling; only Lee Da Hae seems to be selling the whole “dark, twisted melodrama” feel.

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First Look: Kim So Yeon in Coffee


My to-watch dramas list has felt quite dry in recent days, mainly because I feel like I can’t be excited about any upcoming drama. Yet.

So until then, I shall slobber over Kim So Yeon with a photo spamazz of her on the set of her new film “Coffee,” which began shooting on March 29.

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News Bits: 3/30/11 Edition

T-ARA’s Eunjung is joining We Got Married! (To replace the leaving Jung Yong Hwa and Seo Hyun.) She’s going to be paired up with actor Lee Jang Woo, who currently stars in the drama Smile Donghae. He’s also the cousin of Hwanhee, who made his WGM appearance with singer Hwayobi. They shot their first scenes together today (March 30), and they will appear in the April episodes.

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News Bits: 3/22/11 Edition

Kim So Yeon has been confirmed to take over Lee Da Hae’s role in the film “Russian Coffee,” or “Coffee.” She will now play the female barista who served Emperor Gojong coffee, his favorite drink, and might be a spy for the Russians. Well duh – Kim So Yeon is the go-to gal for spy roles. She’s like Jennifer Garner – she can pull off the romantic comedy roles, and the spy roles. This will be her first film in six years. I personally hope she gets caught up with this movie so that she has absolutely no time to film IRIS 2. Or ATHENA 2 – or whatever damn sequel Taewon Entertainment is cooking up.

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