Cheer Up: A Review


Adults can be dumb. That’s the key takeaway in this short and sweet series about high school and cheerleading, for me. It was a lot more satisfying than I thought it would be, and I’m immensely glad to have watched it. Plenty of frustrations to be had for sure, but the ending was satisfying enough. So here’s a few of my thoughts on the entire series.

[Just want to apologize for the lateness of this recap… been quite busy and it’s Thanksgiving weekend! But I hope to catch up on a lot of dramas very soon…]

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Sunday Roundup: Bubblegum and more – 11/01/2015


More ramblings from this week’s episodes! Again, I really don’t intend to do a lot of recapping; these are more like reactionary posts about the episodes that I watched in the past week.

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Ebook: I Need Romance 2012 Recaps!


And here it is! The ebook for I Need Romance 2012. Starring Jung Yoo Mi, Kim Ji Suk, and Lee Jin Wook, this was an interesting take on romance because it’s all about timing. For the main couple, they would have been perfect for each other if they were at the same emotional level at the same time, and that’s the only reason why they kept breaking up.

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News Bits: 5/10/11 Edition

Oh so dramatic.

The shot is from Rain’s new film “Red Muffler,” which has now changed its title to “Take Off: Closer to the Sun.” What a cheesy title. I wonder if the people behind the film are trying to tie it in to the other film called “Take Off,” the 2009 movie about a ski jumping team for the Olympics, starring Ha Jung Woo and Kim Ji Suk. That sports film was a hit.

Anyways – thoughts of “Top Gun” filled my mind after seeing the photo, which might be a good thing for the film in general – but it’s not going to make me want to see it. I’m a Tom Cruise-averse person.

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News Bits: 5/24/10 Edition

About time!! Super Junior finally released their music video for their song “Victory Korea.” This song has been on my replay list ever since it came out. Not all of the members are featured, but it’s insanely fun and heck, “Sorry, Sorry” makes a cameo appearance.

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News Bits: 5/21/10 Edition

Upcoming drama Baker King Kim Tak Goo has confirmed this casting tidbit: Park Shin Hye will NOT be participating in the drama. (It makes sense since she’s still filming the film “Cyrano Agency” and the 30-episode drama starts on June 10 after Cinderella’s Sister.) Instead, Eugene will be stepping in. Her character is called Shin Yoo Kyung, and she will play Yoon Si Yoon‘s first love (despite the age gap) who betrayed him for her own gains – by marrying his brother. Her character is also quite villainous.

Here’s a look at how her character will be in the drama:

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News Bits: 4/22/10 Edition

Huh – what is up with pregnancy before marriage?

Jang Dong Gun and Go So Young announced their engagement way back – but now there’s another reason for why they’re getting married in May 2. Go is already three months pregnant with Jang’s baby. Sure, they’ve been together secretly for years and all that jazz, but they announced their engagement in March, and if you do the math – she was pregnant first before they got engaged. So what, pregnancy is what’s going to clinch the deal with these men and tie them down? Really now?

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Personal Taste Interviews

With Son Ye Jin, Lee Min Ho, Kim Ji Suk, and Wang Ji Hye – these interviews were quite enlightening. Didn’t realize Kim Ji Suk was going to the army this year, and Wang Ji Hye is totally embracing her evil character – which makes me wonder how well she’ll pull it off.

Here is a shortened version of their interview. For the full thing, check out part one here and part two here.

Q: How did you choose to do “Personal Taste”?
Son Ye-jin (Son): Up till now, I have played characters that were older than my actual age. I don’t really look old, but I had come to choose older parts because I was trying to show my serious, deep side. The film “White Night” was very hard on me psychologically and physically, so I wanted to do a fresh, young drama befitting my age for my next work. So it wasn’t hard to choose “Personal Taste”.
Lee Min-ho (Lee): I wanted to do a masculine drama, so this was actually what I thought about the hardest when trying to choose my next role. I thought hard and I thought about the image that the public had of Lee Min-ho — probably closer to a young man rather than a real man. I think I would do a better job playing heavy and more defined roles when I am older. I think “Personal Taste” was perfect because it is bright, cheerful but you can also laugh and cry over it as well.

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Ha-Ha Comment of the Day: Chuno’s Kim Ji Suk and Han Jung Soo

Don’t let the above picture fool you! If you haven’t seen Chuno or haven’t reached episode 15, then do not read any further!

I haven’t seen all of Chuno yet – but I saw a little bit of episode 15, and I kind of understood what was going on with the recaps and the snippets I watch every so often. And what I saw was incredibly sad – but made me laugh too.

I’m warning you again: don’t read any further unless you don’t care about the spoiler!!

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A Sampling of ‘Personal Taste’

Heeee! I love making food jokes with this drama title – no matter how corny they are!

Anyways – my birthday gift came early with the discovery of this on dramabeans. Wooo!

Javabeans has decided to recap the novel in four or five parts before the drama airs on March 31. It is a bit spoiler-y considering that the drama won’t stray too far from it. But Kim Ji Suk‘s character is a completely new one, so he can add a little spice to the drama (just the way I like it!) I’m sure the writers will also give it a new spin and flesh out certain story lines in different ways. The novel is fourteen chapters, the drama has to be at least sixteen episodes. If the drama jumps the gun and gets right to the story, it’s not that hard to create additional drama and have things develop a little slower/more awkwardly or vice versa.

I can’t wait – I can’t wait – I can’t wait!