News Bits: 9/6/11 Edition

Looks like it might be good for Kang Ho Dong if “2 Days 1 Night” took a break. He’s currently been under investigation for tax evasion. Kang publicly apologized for this and was fined hundreds of millions of Won for his crime. Of course, this made netizens and many viewers angry and disappointed.

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Dream Concert 2010

One of the biggest K-pop events ever just finished, with 40,000 in the audience. The event went off smoothly – thanks to the experienced Kim Heechul, who smoothed over all the awkward and in-between moments with his jokes and getting the other two newbie hosts Taecyeon and Shin Se Kyung get into the groove of hosting. This year there were more waiting-periods between performances, and singers wouldn’t come onstage on time after they were announced. So instead of having 40,000 grumpy viewers, we had 40,000 appeased viewers.

But less chatter and on to the photos!

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News Bits: 5/21/10 Edition

Upcoming drama Baker King Kim Tak Goo has confirmed this casting tidbit: Park Shin Hye will NOT be participating in the drama. (It makes sense since she’s still filming the film “Cyrano Agency” and the 30-episode drama starts on June 10 after Cinderella’s Sister.) Instead, Eugene will be stepping in. Her character is called Shin Yoo Kyung, and she will play Yoon Si Yoon‘s first love (despite the age gap) who betrayed him for her own gains – by marrying his brother. Her character is also quite villainous.

Here’s a look at how her character will be in the drama:

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News Bits: 5/12/10 Edition

Talk about remakes – Asia is taking popular, classic Hollywood films and making it into their own. I don’t know how I feel about this…

Song Seung Hoon and Japanese star Matsushima Nanako will be taking on the lead roles of an Asian version of the film “Ghost,” which starred Patrick Swayze and Demi Moore. It follows the same story – he is killed in a mugging and returns as a ghost to warn his girlfriend – but will be set in Japan. Both actors enjoy immense popularity in Japan, and will be directed by Otani Taro, who has helmed the shows Gokusen and Bambino! Matsushima made a name for herself when she starred in the Japanese film “The Ring.”

Song being the next Patrick Swayze… huh. Now there’s something to think about…

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