News Bits: 10/29/2015 Edition


Some news for the week… Big Bang’s MADE concert is coming to a home near you! DramaFever will release a two-hour edited version of the concert in New Jersey’s Prudential Center on November 6 for premium users, and November 11 for all users. (Yep – it’s the same concert I went to!) This will be DramaFever’s first original in-house production. Get ready to re-live the concert! Or, watch it for the first time ever! [link]

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News Bits: 9/6/11 Edition

Looks like it might be good for Kang Ho Dong if “2 Days 1 Night” took a break. He’s currently been under investigation for tax evasion. Kang publicly apologized for this and was fined hundreds of millions of Won for his crime. Of course, this made netizens and many viewers angry and disappointed.

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Seoul Adventures: Day 1

My life is complete because I saw Jang Geun Suk. Who cares about Kim Hyun Joong, Song Joong Ki, Yoona, and JYJ when you got THIS GUY?!

I also saw a Park Shi Hoo commercial on the subway TVs. I died. He even had to change his shirt onscreen. I propose that he have a shirtless scene in The Princess’ Man – one that is completely unnecessary but totally necessary for me.

This time difference thing is throwing me off too. I’m technically on Day 2, but home is on Day 1. Anyways…

Several observations – Seoul is intensely hot and muggy. Underground malls are cooler than some market places. Insadong is really nice, Myeongdong is hip, Namdaemun Road is fancy, and Namdaemun Market is overrated.

Also – getting lost is awesome. Getting lost and then having your feet die by the end of the day isn’t.

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News Bits: 7/9/11 Edition

I am procrastinating studying by a leetle bit with this post.

Jang Geun Suk and Lee Min Jung filmed a short film/CF for Cartier titled ‘Bague’, which means ‘ring’ in French. And of course – it’s about a Cartier ring. Anyways – the short film runs at 6 minutes long. One thing I’m amazed about is how there would be CF’s and mini movies for products and brands, and they would be longer than the usual 30 seconds or 1 minute. I rarely see long commercials like that for American products.

The film is very poetic in style. While Jang is cute, I can’t help but notice his acting, whereas Lee always has this blissful vacant look on her face. It doesn’t mean she can’t act, it’s just she’s so freaky – but that’s how her character is supposed to be. Anyways – they share an underwater kiss, and to me, it’s not all that. BUT! It’s pretty.

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News Bits: 6/21/11 Edition

I can always trust After School to give me that next song that I’ll get addicted to for a while. They did it with “Shampoo” and now UEE has released her solo track “쏙쏙쏙 (Sok Sok Sok).” It’s perfect for summer – light and airy, melodic beats, and the lyrics are about a girl who wishes to confess to a boy. I’ll put aside my cynical mature side for a moment to sigh and wish I could do that too like a dreamy, bright-eyed teenager! (‘Cause honestly, I’d never do that now – but as a teen? I probably would have.)

The song also features a rap by After School Boys’ member Jonghyun. It will be used in advertisements for the golf brand that UEE is a model for.

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6 Actresses on 2 Days 1 Night?!

OHMYGOD – it’s what I needed to see early in the morning to wake me up.

PD Na, who’s becoming a famous character in his own right for his amazing-ness in methods of torture, is putting a new spin on things by having 6 actresses join his 6 boys during a vacation. The actresses aren’t just anyone – it’s Kim Ha Neul, Yeom Jung Ah, Choi Ji Woo, Seo Woo, Kim Soo Mi, Lee Hye Young.

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Kim Ha Neul in You’re My Pet


Am I reading correctly? Do my eyes deceive me or not? Did I just read that Kim Ha Neul is going to be Jang Geun Suk’s “owner” in his upcoming movie “You’re My Pet” (which has been halted production-wise)?

WHAT AN AWESOME PAIRING! Well – definitely looks wise. Doesn’t she look mighty fine? Anyways – I want this movie to be done!

source: allkpop


News Bits: 11/2/10 Edition

YAYYYY – Birdie Buddy has an air date! I’m not excited because I want to watch the drama. It’s just that, I’m mildly curious as to how UEE will portray a non-bitchy role, and I’m mildly empathetic to the cast and crew who have been working hard and not hearing anything about a broadcast date.

But here goes – the broadcast date is set for March 2011.

They will continue with production throughout November and December, thus becoming a pre-produced drama.

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