News Bits: 9/20-9/21/11 Edition

I’m sorely behind on news updates aren’t I? They come in bits and pieces… every three-four days or so…kekeke…Why the two dates? Because in my world, it’s already the 21st, but I SWEAR I was writing this on the 20th.

Anyways – it’s a complete TRAVESTY to see Yoona of SNSD be cast opposite Jang Geun Suk in the drama Love in the Rain, headed by the Four Seasons-director Yoon Suk Ho. She was chosen because she could portray “innocence and purity” required of the dual characters she’s playing (the mother in the 1970’s and the daughter in present time; Jang is doing the same thing with his character). Why do I hate the casting choice so much?

Because 1) I saw her in 9 End 2 Outs and she was irritating. She’s perfect at being annoying; and 2) I don’t see her appeal. I get that she kinda matches with Jang Geun Suk in terms of youth and looks, but she’s not amazing. I don’t see why people think she’s cute; I think her face is too expressionless save for a placid smile; she’s not even interesting in SNSD music videos; and I don’t think she’s someone who should headline a big drama like this.

I refuse to watch this drama, unless someone puts a head restraint on me to lock my eyes on the screen and watch her act. Call me violently biased, but hey, I can have my opinion on an actress right?

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News Bits: 8/30/11 Edition

Yoon Kye Sang is all “High Kick-ed” out! The photo revealed a goofy look to the Greatest Love actor as he poses in that iconic weird angle (from the top down) to create a large head-small body effect.

While I’m not really excited about the cast, I am eager to see what Lee Soon Jae will play (if he’s in the drama – I don’t see him in the article’s cast lineup). He’s previously played a grumpy grandpa and a farting patriarch.

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News Bits: 6/3/11 Edition


Um. What in the world is Choi Song Hyun thinking? Is it because of her prim and proper role as a prosecutor in Prosecutor Princess that she’s decided to break out and go crazy? She was dressed like this for the press conference of tvN’s I Need Romance. Her dress reeks of the desperation that the title connotes, with a splash of vixen/dominatrix.

At least her costar Jo Yeo Jung looks somewhat normal in her dress – even though the design is a pattern of barbed wire.

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An Interview with Jung Il Woo

Because no one can get enough of 49 Days or Jung Il Woo‘s career-making turn as the lovable Scheduler.

He talks extensively about his character and how much he enjoyed acting alongside Lee Yo Won. (No kidding – like their chemistry wasn’t palpable.) But he also gives some of us hope; he’s planning on taking on a new project in the next couple of months, so… we might see him in the small screen again?! Just as long he doesn’t pick another Take Care of the Young Lady, I think he’s good.

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47th Baeksang Awards

Photos! Winners! Whee!

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Photos of Upcoming Episodes of 49 Days

This is how I like my cast in 49 Days – so in character, and then they break it, and we get a glimpse in their real personalities.

Plus – they’re all so purrrrrrty!

The above photo gave me a head spin, because Nam Gyu Ri is in the same frame as Bae Soo Bin and Lee Yo Won! (Min Ho – you should not be looking at her!!!) The photos below suggest that Min Ho encountered the real Song Yi Kyung, adding to the confusion. Either that, or Ji Hyun made a big boo-boo.

There are also photos of when Yi Kyung and Yi Soo were in school, at a fair, and if my eyes don’t deceive me, it looks like Ji Hyun knew them as students!

How does the math work out? I thought they’re older than Ji Hyun…

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A Commentary on 49 Days – Episodes 3-6

I’m up to episode 6 of 49 Days, and while I started out with high expectations and excitement, I must admit it has all kind of waned. I think it’s because the focus on Bae Soo Bin and Seo Ji Hye’s mysterious connection was so strong, and yet I wasn’t really interested. I mean, I was, but I’d rather have that spaced out a bit with more revelations/interactions between Nam Gyu Ri and Jung Il Woo.

More of Jung Il Woo = GOODNESS GALORE! He’s the nice amount of humor much needed for the drama. And Lee Yo Won is surprisingly cute as the episodes go on; in a way, she’s getting better at portraying a bubbly Ji Hyun now.

One thing I can’t stand is how much of a dimwit Ji Hyun can be. If her higher IQ means she can finally realize that no one thinks of her as Shin Ji Hyun because she’s in Song Yi Kyung’s body then…she’s worse than Ma Hye Ri in Prosecutor Princess. And Ma Hye Ri was smart – she just followed logic differently.

I’m personally hoping that Han Kang (Jo Hyun Jae) ends up with Song Yi Kyung – shallowly, it’s because I think they look better together, and honestly it’s because I kind of want Ji Hyun to die. I think I just want her to devote her remaining 40 days to helping others and getting Song Yi Kyung’s life back on track.

I’d really like it if the rules start changing and Yi Kyung realizes there’s a spirit possessing her body – and then she actively helps Ji Hyun with the tears-gathering. Heehee – Who Are You much?

Update: I’ve watched up to episode 8 now, and I still stand by my opinions regarding my wish of Han Kang ending up with Song Yi Kyung – even though it seems like that won’t happen at all. I can dream, right?