Romance Town Spoilers for Episode 10

Kim Min Joon had quite a workout in June, acting out in the sun with a heavy winter blanket around his body. I’m assuming it’s the aftermath of what happened in episode 9, where Min Hyo Rin does something very naughty. In bed. With him. (OK – I’m making it sound worse than it really was, but believe me, I was outraged.) Kim walked around bare-chested and bare foot for his upcoming scenes.

Below are some pictures that may show us more about the aftermath of what happened at the end of episode 9.

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News Bits: 6/3/11 Edition


Um. What in the world is Choi Song Hyun thinking? Is it because of her prim and proper role as a prosecutor in Prosecutor Princess that she’s decided to break out and go crazy? She was dressed like this for the press conference of tvN’s I Need Romance. Her dress reeks of the desperation that the title connotes, with a splash of vixen/dominatrix.

At least her costar Jo Yeo Jung looks somewhat normal in her dress – even though the design is a pattern of barbed wire.

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Romance Town: Episode 5 Spoiler Photos

“What are you doing with my maid?”

Be Still My Beating Heart!

I guess it’s not really “spoilers” if the episode has already aired in Korea, but for someone like me who has yet to watch it, it sure as hell made me freak out.

I shall repeat my reaction to the photos here: AHH! MY EYES! AHH! *sob* *FREAK OUT* *ACK!* *heart attack* *faint* *silly grin* whew…

You know how when you become invested in a drama, no matter what others think of it, your reaction to it is always exaggerated? That’s how I feel with Romance Town. It’s probably super cliched, and we’ve seen these photos before in various forms – but when the photos have the characters you’re interested in, it becomes something totally new.

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Sung Yuri Fantasizes a New Future

If you’re following Romance Town, you’ll know that Sung Yuri‘s character Noh Soon Geum has received a windfall of 14.2 billion Won after winning the lottery. Unfortunately, she is stuck in a bind as she can’t really reveal her newfound wealth, and returns to her masters as a housekeeper.

That’s not going to stop her from imagining that Jung Gyu Woon and Kim Min Joon are at her beck and call.

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