Jung Gyu Woon Joins ‘Real Men’


And a real man he is! Looks like Birth of a Beauty star, and my favorite boy-toy, Jung Gyu Woon is going to take part in the reality show Real Men. He’s already part of another variety show called Eco Village, where celebrities build houses for those in need. Guess he just needs another place to show off those muscles!

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Jung Gyu Woon at JIMFF, Park Shi Hoo at Beach

Jung Gyu Woon tweeted a photo of him with his beloved co-ambassador Lee Yoon Ji on the last day of the Jecheon International Music and Film Festival. The both of them are PR Ambassadors for the festival, which started on August 11 and ran til the 15th. He tweeted that he hopes to come back next year – if it’s not raining again!

They’re a cute couple. Maybe they should star in a drama together…

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Romance Town: A Review

My final recap goes up later today, and I just wanted to summarize my thoughts about it. I personally enjoyed Romance Town, although I have to say it’s not necessarily the best or the smoothest drama out there. I keep hearing that Greatest Love is/was awesome, or that City Hunter is the bomb, whereas people are like “Romance Town is boring;” “I’ll wait for the recaps” (thanks for that by the way!); or “Romance Town sucks.” Then there are the few who say, “Romance Town is the one I keep coming back to each week even if it’s not good!”

That last comment is what I feel like.

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News Bits: 6/23/11 Edition

What in the what?!

When did this happen!? Jung Gyu Woon posted up a photo on Twitter of him with Kim So Yeon, saying “Feeling refreshed with So Yeon-noona!” Based on their clothing it looks like the photo came from when they were shooting the ALL FOR YOU CF together (video below). I don’t think anyone in their right mind is wearing such heavy clothing in the summer.

UNLESS – they could have another photo shoot or CF in the works? If anyone knows where this photo might be from, let me know!

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Romance Town Spoilers for Episode 13

Why hello big strong arms!

Jung Gyu Woon and Sung Yuri share a special moment in the kitchen, which makes me wonder if their relationship is still “complicated.” They’re clearly not announcing to the world that they’re “In a Relationship,” based on their reactions when Papa Kang comes into the room…

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Romance Town Kisses

OK, for a main broadcast channel romantic comedy that’s only halfway through the series, Romance Town has got a LOT of kisses. In one episode there were about four – Da Kyum kisses Young Hee, Young Hee kisses Da Kyum back, Gun Woo sort of kisses Soon Geum when removing the duct tape, and then the two of them kiss in the hospital room.

Then last week there was a kiss at the bar, when he’s trying to shut her up from spilling too much information about her wealth.

And now this week there’s another one – this time in a sauna.

Yunno – I’m totally fine with all these kisses, but it’s making me REALLY angry I can’t be at the receiving end of at least ONE of them. I’m starting to shoot hate-and-jealousy lasers towards Sung Yuri right now…

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