The Winners of 3rd Annual DramaFever Awards!


It’s really awesome that every winner of the DramaFever awards managed to send a message through video to their fans, and a lot more came in person to pick up the awards! George Hu and Arden Cho did a great job hosting, although I feel that Arden was more on point with the hosting duties than he was. That’s not to say that their jokes and overly-forced flirting was not amusing. Poor Arden, George Hu was just not up to doing the Pinocchio toast kiss!

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News Bits: 7/29/11 Edition

Park Shin Hye returns after her car accident with a new perm, showing off her new curls in a recent tweet. She had requested her “Lee Gyu Won” look, which her stylist then gave her, but now all she has to worry about is if her curls will fall apart in Korea’s current wet weather. Because she looks oh-so-cute, her photo has sent netizens a-buzzing about loving her hairstyle. Personally? I don’t even get why this made it on the news…and look, here I am writing about it! Heh.

News Bits: 3/22/11 Edition

Kim So Yeon has been confirmed to take over Lee Da Hae’s role in the film “Russian Coffee,” or “Coffee.” She will now play the female barista who served Emperor Gojong coffee, his favorite drink, and might be a spy for the Russians. Well duh – Kim So Yeon is the go-to gal for spy roles. She’s like Jennifer Garner – she can pull off the romantic comedy roles, and the spy roles. This will be her first film in six years. I personally hope she gets caught up with this movie so that she has absolutely no time to film IRIS 2. Or ATHENA 2 – or whatever damn sequel Taewon Entertainment is cooking up.

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Paradise Ranch: A Review

This is the cheesiest, fluffiest romantic comedy of 2011. Ugh.

Why am I even writing this review? Well, I’ve invested too much time into this series, and I already wrote a first impressions post. It had it’s shining moments, but honestly, I think the fault is in the writing more than the acting.

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Paradise Ranch: First Impressions

Honestly, not much can be said about the beginning, except meh. Changmin is cute, but too cute to be a twenty-seven year old chaebol. He doesn’t have the look of absolute arrogance. He’s also not a natural actor. Lee Yeon Hee is probably the only interesting actress in this drama – she plays her role earnestly and it works for her character. Yoo Ha Na does not appear enough in episode one to make a good judgment on her character, although right now she seems too good-natured and oblivious to be someone to be hated. She barely even appears in episode 2.

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