News Bits: 4/25/11 Edition

Tang Wei and Hyun Bin. Let's forget the laughing lady in the middle.

Oh. My. God. It’s spring! SPRING!

That means romance is in the air! And also allergies.

Hyun Bin was granted a few days leave before he officially starts his marine-military duty. I have never heard of that/knew that they could do that. Anyways – it just so happened his leave coincided with Tang Wei’s visit to Korea. Tang Wei was his costar in the film Late Autumn,” and she had arrived as a guest for the final screening of the film in Seoul. Rumors started that Hyun Bin and Tang Wei were secretly dating, and that she visited to coincide with his leave. However, both sides’ managements have denied the matter. Apparently, Tang Wei’s visit was a surprise and planned last minute. Hyun Bin only had dinner with friends, including Jang Dong Gun, and planned to spend the rest of his break with family.

Good – because honestly, Hyun Bin-oppa, you need to stop hooking up with co-stars. Unless it’s Ha Ji Won – then I approve.

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Photos of Upcoming Episodes of 49 Days

This is how I like my cast in 49 Days – so in character, and then they break it, and we get a glimpse in their real personalities.

Plus – they’re all so purrrrrrty!

The above photo gave me a head spin, because Nam Gyu Ri is in the same frame as Bae Soo Bin and Lee Yo Won! (Min Ho – you should not be looking at her!!!) The photos below suggest that Min Ho encountered the real Song Yi Kyung, adding to the confusion. Either that, or Ji Hyun made a big boo-boo.

There are also photos of when Yi Kyung and Yi Soo were in school, at a fair, and if my eyes don’t deceive me, it looks like Ji Hyun knew them as students!

How does the math work out? I thought they’re older than Ji Hyun…

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A Commentary on 49 Days – Episodes 3-6

I’m up to episode 6 of 49 Days, and while I started out with high expectations and excitement, I must admit it has all kind of waned. I think it’s because the focus on Bae Soo Bin and Seo Ji Hye’s mysterious connection was so strong, and yet I wasn’t really interested. I mean, I was, but I’d rather have that spaced out a bit with more revelations/interactions between Nam Gyu Ri and Jung Il Woo.

More of Jung Il Woo = GOODNESS GALORE! He’s the nice amount of humor much needed for the drama. And Lee Yo Won is surprisingly cute as the episodes go on; in a way, she’s getting better at portraying a bubbly Ji Hyun now.

One thing I can’t stand is how much of a dimwit Ji Hyun can be. If her higher IQ means she can finally realize that no one thinks of her as Shin Ji Hyun because she’s in Song Yi Kyung’s body then…she’s worse than Ma Hye Ri in Prosecutor Princess. And Ma Hye Ri was smart – she just followed logic differently.

I’m personally hoping that Han Kang (Jo Hyun Jae) ends up with Song Yi Kyung – shallowly, it’s because I think they look better together, and honestly it’s because I kind of want Ji Hyun to die. I think I just want her to devote her remaining 40 days to helping others and getting Song Yi Kyung’s life back on track.

I’d really like it if the rules start changing and Yi Kyung realizes there’s a spirit possessing her body – and then she actively helps Ji Hyun with the tears-gathering. Heehee – Who Are You much?

Update: I’ve watched up to episode 8 now, and I still stand by my opinions regarding my wish of Han Kang ending up with Song Yi Kyung – even though it seems like that won’t happen at all. I can dream, right?

News Bits: 3/13/11 Edition

The weekend means that I get to catch up on my Taiwanese dramas! And that means, more episodes of My Queen! And that means, more Ethan Ruan! Episode 4 had me squeeing at how awesome he can be. I really enjoy how there will always be misunderstandings, but the feelings are always straightforward; as in, there doesn’t seem to be a confusion as to who they really like romantically. That’s my kind of TW-drama.

The drama also has me getting annoyed at Cheryl Yang’s Shan Wu Shuang; though her heart is in the right place, she never lets anyone see that good heart. Therefore she comes off as abrasive, and therefore annoying as a character.

But nevertheless! The marathon continues! Although it sucks that since we must all spring forward, I’ll lose an hour of sleep. -__-”

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Poster Shoot for 49 Days


Photo spamazz!

The photos look incredibly somber and melodramatic, which I hope is not going to be the tone for the drama. While I do expect some melodramatic crying scenes (the goal IS to get three people to cry), I do hope for some awesome comedic hijinks with the whole soul switcheroo. The photo setup is also pretty bland. If you notice, all the men are facing to the left, and all the women are on their right profile. It’s a bit uninspired.

Nevertheless – everyone looks so purrrrrrty.

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Trailer for 49 Days

Awwwww yeah!

It’s a little freakier than I thought it would be, but it looks SO GOOD! The trailer focuses more on Lee Yo Won and Nam Gyu Ri’s characters, so you only get glimpses of everyone else. I’m not a fan of Lee Yo Won (I’m more like indifferent about her) but dang, I can’t wait to see her with that “sparkling personality” of Nam Gyu Ri’s!

UPDATE: One more below!

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