Andre Kim Passes Away

Fashion designer Andre Kim passed away after succumbing to colon cancer and pneumonia. He’s the one who designed the crazy evening and wedding gowns. No matter how “ridiculous” it may have looked, he was internationally known and stars filled his runways as they modeled his clothing.

He is succeeded by his 30-year old adopted son.

His wake was well attended by plenty of stars, including Kim Bum, Jeon Do Yeon, Kim Hee Sun, Choi Ji Woo, Choi Si Won, and Won Bin.

Head on after the jump to check out some of his previous shows with stars.

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The Housemaid Interviews

Yesterday, “The Housemaid” held a press conference with director Im Sang Soo and the three stars Lee Jung Jae, Jeon Do Yeon, and Yoon Yeo Jung. The film is opening soon, and the trailer was oh so provocative! The following is an excerpt from the press conference, and it sheds some light behind the film and the actors’ difficulties with their respective roles.

Just as a refresher: Lee plays a philandering husband to Seo Woo’s character (who wasn’t present at the conference), Jeon is the not-so-innocent housemaid that starts a torrid affair with Lee, and Yoon is the housekeeper who oversees the general household and is the first to note Lee and Jeon’s burgeoning relationship.

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