News Bits: 7/9/11 Edition

I am procrastinating studying by a leetle bit with this post.

Jang Geun Suk and Lee Min Jung filmed a short film/CF for Cartier titled ‘Bague’, which means ‘ring’ in French. And of course – it’s about a Cartier ring. Anyways – the short film runs at 6 minutes long. One thing I’m amazed about is how there would be CF’s and mini movies for products and brands, and they would be longer than the usual 30 seconds or 1 minute. I rarely see long commercials like that for American products.

The film is very poetic in style. While Jang is cute, I can’t help but notice his acting, whereas Lee always has this blissful vacant look on her face. It doesn’t mean she can’t act, it’s just she’s so freaky – but that’s how her character is supposed to be. Anyways – they share an underwater kiss, and to me, it’s not all that. BUT! It’s pretty.

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News Bits: 4/18/11 Edition

Dream High is going gritty.

A new drama called Big Hit (or Big Heat) will be airing on April 21st through E Channel, a cable channel. The 13-episode series seems to be like a mockumentary in the sense that it follows a four-member idol group called “Big Hit” from its debut to its promotional process. The drama will also delve into controversial issues such as idol contracts. I hope that means this drama will be more gritty and realistic than that of You’re Beautiful or Dream High (which by the way, I saw a grand total of ten minutes of some episode on TV – and it centered around how Eunjung’s character came forward about being raped by some CEO or something).

The unique factor about this drama is that two of the cast members are actually training to debut in the music industry later this year; in a way, it’s as if we’re really seeing them go through the process. The cast is completely new: Kim Joo Young, Oh Song, Choi Ara, Jo Sung Wook, and Jo Sung Woo. Amazing if this drama spawns big stars in the future.

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News Bits: 4/13/11 Edition

Ryu Seung Soo (Thank You, General Hospital) has been added to the cast of Lie To Me as Yoon Eun Hye’s first love Chun Jae Bum – who then went and married her rival So Ran (played by Hong Soo Hyun). So Ran and Jae Bum seem to be quite the comic pair, as Jae Bum is a lawyer who tends to hurts others without intending to (call him the bumbling antagonist?), and So Ran is uber-competitive with Yoon’s Gong Ah Jung. I wonder how they’ll fit, but I don’t mind if they’re the ones trying to dig around Ah Jung’s life and see if she’s lying about her marital status.

Ryu was quite comical as the hapless doctor in Thank You so I hope his character here is similar.

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News Bits: 4/6/11 Edition

As if it weren’t enough to have Eun Jung on King Geunchogo, the production also hired her group member Qri to play the spunky princess Yeojin. Eun Jung’s husband will be portrayed by Supernova’s Geonil. I guess the whole second generation will now be overrun with idol stars, eh?

This isn’t Qri’s first time on a historical drama – she played Young Mo in Queen Seon Deok, the young wife of Kim Yushin (Uhm Tae Woong). That series I tried summarizing and failed miserably – I haven’t been able to finish because it’s so long! But honestly, all that happened was Queen Seon Deok would have a plan; it would be usurped by Mishil; Bidam and Yushin would do their best to reverse it; Seon Deok wins. If there was a war, betrayals would run amok as everyone’s double crossing each other.

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News Bits: 4/1/11 Edition

I thought about ways to pull off an April Fool’s prank since, well, it’s April Fool’s. Then I thought about pulling my site down for the day – but I couldn’t because I already posted something about Kim So Yeon. Then I thought about how much I was thinking about this and how tiring it was to continually write something interesting and (hopefully) have people coming back for more. And then I thought about how tired I was in general (because if you haven’t noticed, I’m lagging behind in recaps) and how much I had to keep my blog up to date. And then I thought about how much time I spend on this blog and so I realized that I don’t want to pull a prank. Rather, I would like to formally announce my retirement.

After this post (or today’s posts), I will no longer be updating ‘Kaede+Jun’ – focusing solely on the other aspects of my life that require immediate attention. I’m sorry to those who have followed and read my blog, and I’m sure those who never knew it existed won’t be sorry at all.

I guess you could say I’m going to military duty – but with no due-back date and with no management company to keep my memory alive.

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News Bits: 3/7/11 Edition

I randomly tuned in to Queen of Reversals episode 23, and JUST SO HAPPENED to start at exactly the scene between Yong Shik and his secretary. And the secretary calling Yong Shik out on his attraction to Tae Hee. And then Yong Shik “slipping” information that Yoo Kyung was going on a blind date. Based on the secretary’s reaction (running out the door), he must have the hots for her!

More to come…but until then! News bits!

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Kim Ha Neul in You’re My Pet


Am I reading correctly? Do my eyes deceive me or not? Did I just read that Kim Ha Neul is going to be Jang Geun Suk’s “owner” in his upcoming movie “You’re My Pet” (which has been halted production-wise)?

WHAT AN AWESOME PAIRING! Well – definitely looks wise. Doesn’t she look mighty fine? Anyways – I want this movie to be done!

source: allkpop


News Bits: 1/28/11 Edition

To make up for my anemic news bits posts, I present – the MEGA EDITION!!! Bwahaha.*evil laugh*

*looks around*

*blank stares*

*ahem* Moving on! Let’s start with casting news, shall we?

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News Bits: 11/10/10 Edition

Kang Ji Hwan has signed on for a new drama – Faith. He’s taking over for Lee Jun Ki, who’s in the army, and will star opposite Kim Hee Sun (Sad Love Story) in this fusion historical medical drama that will also be filmed in 3D. Cool. Not interested. Although – I have to say, I think Kang is a better fit opposite Kim in this drama, compared to Lee, so kudos on the casting!

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Press Conference of Mary Stayed Out All Night

Photo spamazz!!!! The conference was held on November 3 and Jang Geun Suk expressed happiness at being able to work with Moon Geun Young. The plot, which has Moon getting into marriage contracts with two men, also prompted questions about whether she would want to marry or not. Aaaaand she said no – she has so many things that she wants to do in her life that she doesn’t want to be tied down to her family. Nice answer for a girl of only 24. Then again, I wholeheartedly approve because I do NOT want her to be with Jang – I am still and Park Shin Hye and Jang Geun Suk shipper!!! Hear me rawr!

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