Ebook: I Need Romance (Season 1) Recaps!


After I released Joseon Gunman as a recap anthology, I posted a poll to see what else people would want! I Need Romance seemed to be the winner, so here is season 1 in a digestible, ebook format!

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Jo Yeo Jung may be a Divorce Lawyer in Love


Jo Yeo Jung is in talks to star in a new SBS drama in March 2015 called Divorce Lawyers in Love. She’s favorably looking towards taking the role, and if she does it’ll be her first drama in three years since 2012’s Haeundae Lovers.

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I Need Romance: Episode 16 (Final)

Well well well. The ending kind of snuck up on me in that I was sitting in front of my computer, enjoying the drama, when BAM – it ended.

This drama has been a fun ride as well – I can’t believe I recapped the entire series because it went by so fast, and it was fun! Anyways – here’s the last episode!

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I Need Romance: Episode 15

We’re winding down to the end, and in some ways, this episode reflected just that. I wasn’t surprised by the developments, although I do think it’s quite late in the game, and am curious how it will all tie up.

I wouldn’t be surprised (again) if this drama wasn’t neatly tied up. However, it does have quite the fast pace in one episode so you never know…

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I Need Romance: Episode 11

Yay episode 11! Boo – I’ve never mixed up the two male leads’ names so often than before. Why do writers like to name their characters similarly? Hyun Joo vs. Yoon Joo in Romance Town. Now Sung Soo and Sung Hyun in I Need Romance. (Oh great – and both titles have ‘romance’ in it.)


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I Need Romance: Episode 10

Some more repetition, and very little moving forward. However, we are at that fated “Episode 10,” where things should be picking up, changing course, and our OTP should be established. There are only 6 more episodes left after all. The thing is, who comprises of our OTP!? I love that this drama throws it up in the air, like Coffee House. But I don’t like mind games too much either. While in Coffee House the drama was gearing up for a Kang Ji HwanPark Si Yeon pairing, I’m hoping that I Need Romance will give me a Jo Yeo Jung – Choi Jin Hyuk pairing. I simply prefer that a girl be loved like she deserves to be, so I can’t believe that rascal Sung Soo no matter how much he pleads for forgiveness.

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