The Princess’ Man: Episode 14 – Live Recap

I have been wanting to do this ALL WEEK ever since I got to Seoul – to sit down in front of a TV, watch a Korean drama as it airs IN KOREA, have no idea what’s going on in the story, and just write a “recap.”

Sorry though – there won’t be many screencaps. I can’t exactly screencap a TV. Also the story most likely will be completely wrong.

So here goes!

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News Bits: 8/5/11 Edition

Goodness – accidents just really don’t stop do they? This time, it’s Hong Soo Hyun from The Princess’ Man. The actress – who plays the spoiled princess Kyung Hye – got into a car accident at around 4 in the morning. Her car had hit another car off the highway and was totaled. She suffered a rib fracture, while her manager suffered a serious injury to his arm. Though Hong wanted to go back on set to shoot, she couldn’t as she had to go back to the hospital and get proper treatment.


It just so happens that The Princess’ Man also finally ranked number one in ratings for Wednesday-Thursdays. They got 14.9% viewers, while new series Protect the Boss got 12-14% viewers. Unfortunately, Heartstrings stayed in the 5% range.

The Princess’ Man: First Impressions

Well. Ahem* It was Park Shi Hoo. But also, I kept seeing comments about me recapping this series.

For one thing, I don’t think I can recap this series for several reasons. I particularly don’t like historical dramas in general, and have a hard time recapping them. For example – my failed recaps of Queen Seondeok that I haven’t even finished. Secondly, I don’t have time to write them up. I’ll be damned if I do start writing recaps for this one, on top of Heartstrings and I Need Romance.

But! I have to say – I liked the first episode.

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The Princess’ Man Press Conference

Romance Town is coming to an end, and so that means The Princess’ Man is coming to the small screen! It premieres next Wednesday, and so the cast dressed up in their good ol’ Joseon robes and held a press conference. All I could think about was how fine their clothes looked, how ridiculously luxurious they seemed, and how hot it must be to wear those layers.

Lee Min Woo – who also stars and shouldn’t be forgotten, even though in my eyes he’s easily eclipsed by Park Shi Hoo – admitted that he injured his knee while filming.The one beside him Hong Soo Hyun.

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