The Time That They Were (not) In Love?


With just over two weeks before the premiere of ​The Time That I Loved You, 7000 Days, SBS has found it the right time to change the title. The Korean title is “너를 사랑한 시간,” which Google translates to, “You loved hours.” A Korean translator says, “The Time I Loved You.” But SBS says the English title is “The Time We Were Not In Love.”

At least the one thing that’s consistent is ‘7000 Days’ is out of the equation.

I get that SBS probably wants to give a title that reflects the drama the most, but you’re telling us two very different things! Either they’ve been in love for a long time, or they never loved each other that entire time! What’s going on?! Pick something!

To those who’ve seen the original Taiwanese drama this is based off of, In Time With You, the two titles could make sense. But as someone who likes to rely on the English title telling me how to read and interpret the Korean title, this is confusing as heck.

Petty rant, over.



News Bits: 8/29/11 Edition

One more romance for the rumor mill: Lee Byung Hoon and Kim Min Hee (Love Marriage). Both their agencies denied any romance between the two. These rumors came up due to a very sizzling photo shoot for a children’s charity in Vogue magazine. The spread’s concept was “Love Actually.”

Really? Aren’t they actors that pretend they’re in love anyways?

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News Bits: 8/10/11 Edition

Kim Hyung Min! The wonderful hottie Duk Soo in I Need Romance is TAKEN! HE’S OFF THE MARKET!

And sadly, not because of me. *cries*

Kim Hyung Min is actually in a relationship with his Mom is Pretty Too costar Kim Bin Woo. Kim Bin Woo is actually a year older than him, being 29 (or 30 in Korean years) and Kim Hyung Min is 28 (or 29 in Korean years). Goddammit. They’ve been dating for about 6 months now.

Duk Soo-ssi! You are totally breaking Hyun Joo’s heart right now! How dare you!?

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News Bits: 8/8/11 Edition

Jang Geun Suk has nabbed another role?! The guy is busy enough as it is! Aside from filming “You’re My Pet” and recently finishing up an Asia Tour, he’s now said to be starring in Yoon Seok Ho‘s upcoming drama “Love in the Rain.” Yoon is known for his Season dramas – Winter Sonata, Autumn in My Heart, Spring Waltz, and Summer Scent.

I was under the impression that Yoon was going to be producing another drama – “Our Happy Youthful Days” with T.O.P., which would air after Spy Myung Wol. Then again, “Love in the Rain” (which is the tentative title) doesn’t have a broadcast date yet, but is said to start shooting in September.

Me, confused? Yes. Excited? No. Jang Geun Suk + Melodrama is one thing I do not want to see. Even if he can pull it off, I don’t want to see my Sukkie crying or moping over some girl with some illness.

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News Bits: 6/28/11 Edition

Well well now. When one couple ends, another blossoms! Goo Hara (from girl group KARA and currently in City Hunter) and BEAST’s Yong Joon Hyung are officially dating. (The guys have similar names too…) Photos of the two revealed them holding hands, and so their agencies released a statement confirming their coupledom. Congratulations to the two! It’ll be young puppy love. I don’t think it’ll last, but it’s nice to see these overworked pop idols take some time to be “normal” and date.

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News Bits: 5/20/11 Edition

I have been so enveloped in Korea news that I forget about Taiwan and Japan sometimes…

So in apologies – I offer a juicy still of Jiro Wang and Gu Hye Sun from their new Taiwanese drama Absolute Boyfriend. After Wu Zun dropped out of the project, his fellow Fahrenheit member stepped in. Jiro Wang plays the perfect boyfriend out of a box. He falls on top of Gu – NAKED – in this scene. Jiro Wang wore only skin colored safety pants (HEE!) that he said looked like diapers. Gu commented that she would have had him wear more clothes if she were the director.

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News Bits: 2/24/11 Edition

Who the hell is @StillNotDavid?

I stumbled across him while on Twitter and honest to God I didn’t know who he was – but he looks like he’s got plenty enough of followers… and a penchant for dramas. Anyways – a little research and I dredged up a few facts (or what I think are facts): 1) he’s Korean-Vietnamese-American, 2) he wants to be a K-pop idol, 3) he’s seen You’re Beautiful and Boys Over Flowers, and 4) he thinks he knows girls.


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Ha Ji Won and Brother Make News

One is good, one is bad. Guess who is who.

Ha Ji Won has been confirmed as part of the cast for upcoming drama Peninsula. And to think she was just talking about choosing a good role. She will star alongside Jang Dong Gun and Jaejoong from JYJ, which is set to premiere in October. The big-budget drama is set in a unified Korean peninsula with Jang as the president, and Ha as his love interest. There is also a National Intelligence Director character, although I’m pretty sure it’s not going to go to Jaejoong. If it does, I’m gonna revolt. No way in hell am I gonna believe a young guy like him will be the National Intelligence Director.

Her brother Jun Tae Soo on the other hand was arrested for assaulting a cab driver. He was drunk, and has apologized publicly for his actions. Tsk tsk. Maybe he’s just letting loose some of his frustrations after the mediocre run of It’s OK Daddy’s Girl.

(One more Secret Garden tidbit: Hyun Bin’s favorite line of the entire drama? “New text message! New text message!” Yeah – that would’ve been my fave line too…)

source: allkpop