News Bits: 10/29/2015 Edition


Some news for the week… Big Bang’s MADE concert is coming to a home near you! DramaFever will release a two-hour edited version of the concert in New Jersey’s Prudential Center on November 6 for premium users, and November 11 for all users. (Yep – it’s the same concert I went to!) This will be DramaFever’s first original in-house production. Get ready to re-live the concert! Or, watch it for the first time ever! [link]

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Producer: A Review


I’m going to admit that it is taking me some time to wrap my thoughts around this series. Though it was only six weeks, it definitely felt like the longest six weeks in my life. Overall, I mildly enjoyed the show and viewed it a bit more favorably in the end than I did in the beginning. It had its funny moments, surrounded by plenty of filler moments. I did not enjoy the fact that Producers was over an hour long for each episode just because it wanted to mimic a variety show format though!

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Producers: Mixed Feelings for First Impressions


It’s really hard for me to make a judgment on Producers. I have a lot of mixed feelings about the first two episodes of the show, though it could sail a little smoother as I’ve heard of the PD-change on this show. Kind of sad to see the issues in the show be reflected in real life, but at the same time it’s a really challenging type of show to tackle.

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‘Producers’ Casts Cha Tae Hyun, Gong Hyo Jin Maybe


Casting rumors are just flying about! While we have Kim Soo Hyun in one corner debating on whether to take the lead role or not for Producers, we also have IU being thrown around as his female lead, Cha Tae Hyun confirmed to star, and Gong Hyo Jin perhaps to join the cast as well. This is really shaping up into a very interesting, solid cast.

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The Winners of 3rd Annual DramaFever Awards!


It’s really awesome that every winner of the DramaFever awards managed to send a message through video to their fans, and a lot more came in person to pick up the awards! George Hu and Arden Cho did a great job hosting, although I feel that Arden was more on point with the hosting duties than he was. That’s not to say that their jokes and overly-forced flirting was not amusing. Poor Arden, George Hu was just not up to doing the Pinocchio toast kiss!

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7 Actresses Who Choose Bangs for 2014


It seems to be a trend to have bangs for Korean actresses nowadays as they change their look to fit a character they’re to portray. It’s funny because we can see the difference as they go from drama to drama, which could just mean a matter of months in between. And most of them start off the year with long wavy hair, which I personally think makes them all look alike, before opting for bangs or shorter hair. So yay for some diversity in hairstyles! Except, it doesn’t suit well on every girl…

So – yay or nay on these bangs?

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News Bits: 7/7/11 Edition

Cha Seung Won recently won two awards in Mnet’s 20’s Choice Awards. Hosted by Suzy and Song Joong Ki, the awards show gave ukelele trophies to stars chosen by the fans in many categories. For Cha, he won both Hot Drama Actor and Hot Male Body (with a 6-pack). No doubt this is because of his burst of fame from Greatest Love. His costar Gong Hyo Jin also won Hot Drama Actress and Hot Style Icon.

Other winners included KARA (Hot Hallyu Star), Suzy (Hot New Star), B2ST (Hot Performance Star), Honey Lee (Hot Female Body), Yoo Ah In (Hot 20’s Voice), and Goo Hara (Hot Campus Girl). The full list can be seen here.

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Do Celebs Have It Easy?

Greatest Love Poster 2

It’s easy to think that being a “celebrity” means you get everything you want – the fame, the money, the beauty, the name. Nowadays it is even easier to get your “15 minutes of fame” just by having a sex scandal or inheriting a fortune. (Maybe I should amend that to “15 seconds of fame” considering how fast Twitter and Facebook can be.)

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