A Year in Review: KDrama Watching in 2010

I debated for a while on whether I should write up this post. I mean, come on – every other Kdrama blogging site is doing one. Or, the ones I read do. I also admittedly have skimmed through a lot. Yes. Skim.

I have to say that 2010 was a big year for me in terms of dramas. I have never worked so closely with dramas before, and recapping is a pure joy. As I was compiling the list, I realized that I saw more dramas than I ever have in my entire life. Some were not to completion, and some were fleeting. But I included them in the list because I get to explain why I didn’t continue a certain drama. I also realized that I watched a LOT of SBS dramas. I also saw a lot of dramas that were not made or released in 2010, but more like catching up.

So here goes, a review of dramas I saw that came out in 2010 – the good, the meh, and the bad.

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News Bits: 11/17/10 Edition

It has been a FULL WEEK since I last did one of these. Dang…

Do I have an excuse? No. 😀

My recap is going to go up later this week, but I just want to say that I finally finished Dr. Champ! And I think it is safe to say that while I didn’t love it, I liked it. Very much. If I proclaimed my love for it now, I know it is purely because I am riding on a high right now, since I just finished it. I’m not going to give my review of it here, lest it be a double post of sorts, but here’s a review of the final episode. WARNING: read it ONLY if you watched it already OR want to know what happened at the end.

Kim So Yeon – you make me proud, as always. (I’m allowed to claim a “girl” and have my girl crush right? Because while Park Shi Hoo and Uhm Tae Woong are mine, I am staking a claim on Kim So Yeon. She is awesome to the nth degree.)

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MV Galore – Spoof Version

If you haven’t heard of the song “Like A G6” by Far East Movement, then you are clearly not listening to the radio or going on iTunes.

The hit song spawned a spoof by YouTube personality nigahiga (Ryan Niga), who sang “Like A Good Boy.”

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News Bits: 10/1/10 Edition

It’s October!

In just 7 days, (October 8) javabeans and girlfriday of dramabeans.com will be going to New York Comic Con as panelists/guest speakers for DramaFever’s panel “Asian Entertainment Trends in American Pop Culture”. Wooooh! I am going to comic con!!!

Ok – but on to other things… Seo Woo, Kang Byul, Uhm Tae Woong, and Joo Won all took part of a sleep campaign that promotes better and healthier sleeping habits. All I care about are the photos!!!

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News Bits: 9/27/10 Edition

Haha – I have not been updating as of late… been really busy.

One thing that caught my eye over the weekend was the possibility of Gu Hye Sun and Wu Zun starring in a Taiwanese drama together – a remake of the Japanese drama Absolute Boyfriend. The drama is about a woman who gets the perfect robot boyfriend and they fall in love when the robot boyfriend develops real emotions. Honestly – how does this gal get to work with every hot male star!?!?!?! Anyways – I don’t know if this drama will happen or is feasible – and I wonder if Gu will be dubbed, or if she can really speak Mandarin fluently.

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